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post last updated: September 12, 2005

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Poker In Arrears

Poker In Arrears


If you're reading this now it must be cause you want to know more about TripJax. Rather than spend the time creating a new page dedicated to this (I'm not worthy of that much work), I decided to just add-on to my very first post on Poker In Arrears. That way you can learn a little bit about me, then see the first post in all its lameness.

As of today, June 4th, 2005, I'm a 30 year old father of two with an incredible wife who somehow puts up with me. I've lived in Greensboro, NC since I was 10 and just haven't found a reason to leave yet. I've worked for a financial services firm for the last 6 years and before that worked for a minor league baseball team.

As for poker, I became interested around the time ESPN began showing coverage of the 2002 WSoP in which Robert Varkonyi won the big one. When I finished watching I thought to myself, "if that schmoe can win a tournament why can't I?" So I began to read and learn about the crazy game that is Texas Hold'em. I had already been playing poker for fun with buddies (especially back when I worked for the baseball team), but I had never actually attempted to learn the game until then.

Along the way I found this little group of people who liked to write and talk about poker and I knew that was what I wanted to do. My friends could only take so much of my talking about it so I figured this would be my outlet. So here I am, not even a full year into the poker blogging gig, but I'm having a good time with it.

***End Addendum***

So begins my 3rd and final attempt at this blog thing. My 1st attempt - a foray into my poker happenings - ended when I cancelled my high speed internet access and didn't have the 56k patience to log on to from home. Somewhere out there is a lame ass blog with a couple of entries about 1 or 2 bad beats I received or delivered unto my fellow man. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has a beached blogwhale left to die.

My 2nd attempt was not really a blog, but rather a free online avenue for me to inform the regulars of our game schedule. That was until the police used info from a local web page in busting a high stakes poker game here in Greensboro resulting in the arrest of 14 players and 2 organizers. The players lost the money they took to the game that night and received a misdemeanor charge and a small fine. The primary organizer, however, took a pretty bad beat. The misdemeanor charge and confiscation of all poker equipment is the least of his problems. Explaining to the IRS how he managed to - by most estimates - take in 2k-3k a night or roughly 150k-200k a year after costs for the last 5 years sans legit employment is where he may have to sweat things out. He is Marshall Faulked and probably won't be able to look at a poker table for a long, long time without having the urge to upchuck. Our game is absolute kids play to what they were doing, but it still made a few of our regulars restless, so I decided to nix the use of a blog for our poker schedule. As one of our regulars stated, "if they bust our game I'll just plain laugh in there face". No doubt.

For my 3rd attempt I find myself full circle, back to my original idea of just writing about poker in general. I have upgraded a bit with the purchase of, though I've yet to make the move to that site pending all the back-end hubub that goes along with having and maintaining a website. I chose TripJax as my *damn what's that word truckers use for their CB names* because it relates to poker (having a set of jacks) and is also my sons name (Jax short for Jaxon). I chose Poker In Arrears as my blog title cause I've liked the way it sounded since it was my response to someone who said "liquor in the front" during a tournament. It caused a few chuckles around the table so I'm sticking with it. As for the picture at the top of my explanation is needed.

Next up, I must learn how to link on this page as well as pimp all the badass poker bloggers who I can't stop reading...some of them have been so good that I had to print out all the previous posts from them to read at night while watching CSI (version 1, 2, or 3) and Law & Order (version 1, 2, or 3). It's nice having something to read without paying for a book. I think I've learned more from bloggers recently than in any of my last few poker book reads.

And so the 1st post of my 3rd blog attempt comes to an end. I'm indebted (arrears pun intended) to the other great bloggers, who churn out original post after original post... so next up, as I mentioned above, comes my 1st pimpage....

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