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Jump Desktop (Remote Desktop) & Full Tilt Poker

First off, this is not a paid review or advertisement for Jump Desktop. I simply noticed something yesterday and thought I'd write about it. I was perusing the remote desktops for my iPhone and came across Jump Desktop and their pictures in iTunes. The very first one focused the pointer and highlighted section directly on a link to Full Tilt Poker...

It's as if the app was taunting me with, "Hey TripJax, I know the only reason you're looking at me is to see if you can use me to play poker on your phone." Those bastages must be on to me or something. Is this Inception? Have they made it into my dreams?

I've written about remote desktops for poker in the past, but I'm on my mobile and too lazy to find the links. I used my iPhone to play in a tournament in the past and, to the best of my recollection, actually finished for a nice score and may have won the damn thing (my how memory fades).

For that tourney I used LogMeIn, but I also now have TeamViewer on my PC and iPhone, though I've yet to give it a try. Now that the iPhone has been out for a while and remote desktops seem to be gaining traction in the smart phone market, I was wondering if any of my 1.5 readers had any experience using any of the options available to play poker? And how about the iPad or iPad 2?

Until next time, may the felt e with you.

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All In For Victory Charity Poker Tournament

I'm playing in this today. It's been quite a while since I played live poker. Wish me skill.

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