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Mercier Me

Ladies Night, Part Deux, shown on the Travel Channel on Dec 15th, was strong to quite strong. Actually, to be more specific, much of the play was below average, but one player took center stage. The femme fatale in question was a young lady by the name of Isabelle Mercier who I recognized from a previous WPT televised event. Host of one of the Paris events held in the last 2 years, Isabelle came across as a tiny, timid french belle in the few frames I caught her in back then. For Ladies Night she opened up her can of whoop ass on us all. Not only did her demeanor change to a ruthless/aggressive power player, but her attire went from a sun dress in Paris to Black & Tight for Ladies Night.

Her game and attitude had me completely enthralled. She without a doubt stole the show. Unfortunately, busty beauty Clonie was a non-event this year, but I of course look forward to seeing her in future episodes and events. And as for Isabelle I hope she continues to make a name for herself on the tour and beyond.

Isabelle "No Mercy" Mercier
(If that's not her nickname already it should be)

Clonie Gowen

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