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Murders, Suicide...Oh And Some Poker...

Crazy news around these parts...

Yesterday a Brinks armored truck was robbed outside the Old Navy in the shopping center right around the corner from where I work and live.  The driver was shot and killed and the suspect is still on the loose.  Turns out the guard was only 25 and wasn't even given a chance to hand over the bags before he was shot in the back of the head.  Not cool.  Thinking of that douchebag fleeing the scene reminded me of the crazy scene that happened outside my house a few years back that I wrote about.

I really hope they find the fucktard who killed that kid and I hope he rots.

Moving on...

While I was watching the local breaking news about the above scene on the t.v. in my work office, the phone rang.  I answered and it was a regional lady for a financial services firm who wanted to interview me for a position at an office in a neighboring city.  She mentioned they were needing to hire someone due to the untimely death of the previous manager.  After a few minutes of discussing this and that, we ended the conversation with plans to talk again soon and set up an interview if I was okay with it.

When I got off the phone with the lady, I decided to look up the firm she was with to get a little more info.  As soon as I did a quick search, everything came together.  She had mentioned the parent companies name, but a few years back the companies had merged and around these parts, folks still call them by the local/regional name instead.  Once I recognized the local company name, I immediately knew what was up.  Turns out the untimely death was the dude stuffing a .38 in his mouth and pulling the trigger.  Word around town is he was extremely depressed and the market conditions were not helping.  Really sad story what with his wife and family having to deal with that situation.

Now please stop and think about this with me for a minute.  I'm watching the tube about a dude being shot in the head less than an hour earlier just around the corner, then I get a call from a lady looking to interview me to replace a position where a dude shot himself in the head.  It was just a weird moment for me to soak in.

With that, let's talk a little poker...

I was rambling on with ChickJax last night and I mentioned that most of the poker broggers were probably back home from the December Vegas trip by now.  I hadn't even mentioned it to her before, so she was surprised to hear the trip had come and gone.  I missed not going this year - especially considering how much fun ChickJax and I had with everyone last year - but I knew there was absolutely no chance we could make it this go around.

Money has been really tight this year and I'm now starting to accept that might be part of the reason I don't play online or live much anymore.  In my mind I've been telling myself it's just because I'm always busy and tired, but I also know deep down that money is so tight I just can't hit the tables in good conscience.  I'm proud I have the wherewithal to know when the time is right or when it is not.  For me, it is not.  This year has been a strange one for me with increased work obligations, but tough times on the financial front make it even tougher to justify donktastic pokery action.

Wow, this post is just freaking hilarious.  Murders, suicides and no more pokery fun.  I'm just a hoot these days.

Moving on...

I guess I should still qualify this as a poker post.  I did manage to play the 2nd qualifier of the PokerStars WBCOOP tonight and lasted about 15 minutes before my set was rivered by a straight.  It happens.  I guess I'll try one or two more of these qualifiers before it is over.  At least I can say I'm playing poker.  The only good thing about the event for me was BadBlood was at my table and confirmed he would be having another New Year's tournament.  I love those things and think that will definitely be my next live poker action.  Yeah, so I'm not playing much, but sometimes I just have to breakdown and find a way.  Sue me.*

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

*Please don't sue me.

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At 7:41 AM, Anonymous betfair poker pro said...

1, I pray that murderer is caught. 2, may the felt be with you too my man.

ps don't stop playing!

At 9:02 AM, Anonymous custom poker tables said...

Sad news... I really hope that the murderer be brought to justice. He shouldn't have taken the life of the driver, unnecessary death due to greed. Thanks for sharing news of variety, I enjoyed your poker post as well... Keep posting dude!


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