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Bummed, But Keeping It In Perspective

With about 30 minutes until the first BBT5 freeroll, it looks like I won't be making it for this round, unless some last minute magic happens.  It's my own fault, so I can't complain.  Al was kind enough to think of me for the freerolls and send me an invite, but as I mentioned earlier, I've been having email problems.  I got to him late and doubt my screen name will be loaded in time.

To that end, it looks like I'll only be making the last 5 of the freerolls; regardless, I plan to play as many of the events for the whole BBT5 as possible.  I wasn't able to play many tournaments during and after BBT3, so this go around I'm going to do my best to hit them all.

I was thinking that all this free money should probably go towards some good, given the opportunity of making a score along the way.  If I'm lucky enough to land some free cash during any of the tournaments, I plan to donate 20% towards something worthy.  I think keeping poker blogging winnings in the poker blogging family sounds good, so if I happen to make some cash during the BBT5, I'll be transferring 20% to BloodyP, for further credit to Anna's Benefit.

Methinks I'll sleep pretty well at night if I can bring home a little poker blogger bacon and help out a little girl along the way.  Now I just have to figure out how to not be too donktastic throughout BBT5.

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