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Hooked On Poker

Hooked On Poker

I have to keep this one short today. I'm on a half day at work and have plenty to keep me busy. Last night I put together a new template for Fat Dan The Fat Fish, so if you've never read him or haven't made it over to his brog in a while, take a moment and check him out. I've used that particular template for two other broggers, so I think it is time to retire it from my arsenal. You can click the pic to go to Fat Dans brog, but read my post first!

I played some poker with fellow broggers last night and had a ton of fun. The action was extremely fast so trying to chat and play became pretty tough. I ended up getting heads-up in the first SNG Jordan and I played and was also down to the final 3 in the other with Jordan, DNasty, and SteelerJosh. When we got down to very shorthanded, it seemed like every time I took action on one table I was up with a decision on the other.

At one point the second table popped up and I had AcKc with an all-in in front of me. I had enough chips to play and called the all-in. I immediately got whisked away to the other table and didn't even realize it was Jordan I ended up knocking out with my AK. Not sure what he had, but I'm guessing an A with a lower card, though I don't even know if I improved on the hand or needed to. Jordan, sorry I had to be the one knocking you out, but I would have done the same thing knowing it was you, and I'm sure you would have done the same. Like we've said before, we gotta play our games.

I ended up winning the 1st SNG and placing 3rd in the other. DNasty took 2nd place in the second one so I was happy to see another brogger earn some cash. I also played in mookie's tourney and donked off all my chips in the first 20 minutes when I had a low pair with a weak ass kicker, but didn't think my opponent had anything. He never raised, but kept calling my bets, so he played me well with his top pair. Oh well. I was pretty drained from the action of the first 2 SNG's, but that is no excuse for being a donk. I think mookie was live brogging that event, so click his link above for that.

I finished up the night playing a 6-handed 12 player SNG with Surflexus and DuggleBogey and I think I went out in 5th place, two away from the money. Still, with the win in my first SNG, I was up nearly $20 for the night, so I'm happy. Strangely, though I chatted with GCox a plenty, I don't think we ever actually played a game together. Maybe next time G.

I've finally pushed the meager bankroll over $600 and I am setting a goal for $800 by the end of March. I've been averaging about $150 gain for each of the last 2 months so I think hitting $800 is feasible. I've increased my buy-ins so I will most likely either hit it easily or find myself back lower than I want to be. Of course, there's always the chance I have a breakeven month, so we'll see. It is tough starting at $50 every year after we take the family vacation, but it is also nice to have a challenge to keep me motivated to grow the roll.

Tonight I have a home game, but those are more for fun and we never seem to get more than 8 people at $10 a pop so nothing life changing. May the felt be with you.

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