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Poker With Anna Chapman, Alleged Russian Spy

Remember the alleged Russian spy? You know, the sexy redhead who made news a few months ago? Wouldn't you know she's gone and made herself an iPhone poker app! Since I occasionally write about poker in these here parts and seem to be on a poker and iPhone app kick of late, I figured I better mention this one here. So take a look see...

While I'm intrigued by all this, the chances of me spending one hot penny on this app are slim to none. That shit better get ad supported and go hella free, otherwise this is the closest it will get to my phone (I prepared and published this post from my iPhone, so there's that). I don't give three shits about $1.99, but I just can't see buying what looks to be a broke ass app. It wreaks of fail and until someone says otherwise count me out. Come on readers, prove me wrong!

During my prep for this post, I came across this amazing article about Anna Chapman Nude. Seriously, you need to take 45 seconds and go read it. If you are a lazy bum and need some motivation, here is an excerpt:

Her photos have been placed on the Facebook as well for the pleasures and enjoyment of the users. The gal in birth suit is being attracted every opposite sex due to her curvy and sexy figure.

Seriously, how can you go wrong with that? The gal in birth suit on The Facebook being attracted every opposite sex?

You just can't make this shut up, my friends.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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The Melting Pot for our 11th anniversary!

Smokin' hot.

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