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Weak...Last Week

I generally try to leave work at work and not bring it home or to this here blog, but occasionally I'll spit out some craptastic non-pokery work texticles here.  Should you choose to proceed, you my friend, are the recipient of my blog stank.

I've worked as a manager/supervisor in the financial services industry for the last 10 years as of a couple of weeks ago.  Like most who have worked for their fair share, I've been through some shit over that time.  I can safely say last week was one of - if not the - toughest week of my career to date.  On Monday we hired 8 high profile financial advisors from a local competitor.  While this went well, it was quite mind numbing and had its moments.  I wish it ended there as that would have been nothing.

On Tuesday we were met with a surprise internal audit.  This audit took 4 straight days and was one of the toughest ever.  The end result went well, but the day-to-day (and night) prep was brutal.  Even when you do your work correctly, it's an ugly thing to have people you don't know rifling through your shit looking for anything and everything they can call you out on.

Again, I wish it stopped there, but on Thursday we ended up laying off 7 people.  I had never laid off more than 1 person on a particular day (or year for that matter) and here I was having to deal with laying off 7 folks in the same week as an audit and a recruit team hire were taking place.  I think by Friday I was a zombie.

Anyway, enough with the woe is me, but occasionally I like the folks who read this and know me to understand why I was pretty much whack last week.  I was averaging 19-20 hour work days and it ultimately showed.

As for this week, the sun is shining and everything feels brighter and happier, but I still feel for the 7 who no longer have a job with us.  When added to the national number, it is tiny, but locally it means something.  I'm sorry to see them go.

I think I'll go ahead and qualify this as a poker post before I go...


Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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