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G-Vegas Beware, Drunktards Are Coming

Tomorrow I hit the road early in order to meet up with my brother and quite a few blogtards in G-Vegas.   I have no set plans, no place to stay and, quite honestly, I'm not the least bit concerned.

One of the last times I was in G-Vegas I was found asleep on the hood of my buddies car at some time in the a.m.  With that in mind, as long as there is a warm engine under a car hood, I have a place to sleep.

I'm short on time, so I'll let an excerpt from one of Bad Blood's recent posts tell the rest of the story.  And for the record, I share his SteelFoot thoughts... 

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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Buying Vowels

I've said it many times. In fact, there's a chance I heard it from Otis first. Regardless, when you've reached the stage in life I have, you tend to focus more of your mental energy on the happiness of others. For me, as long as my wife and kids are happy and healthy, I can handle anything. All I ask, however, is just one small favor.

Give me Something To Look Forward To(tm)

As such, the above saying has morphed into an acronym - STLFT. Being the wordsmith that he is, Otis coined the aforementioned grouping of letters "SteelFoot."

This weekend is a SteelFoot. G-Rob is calling it Mastodon weekend. Whatever it is, it could get messy.

Stuff that may happen, people who might be here:

- Charlotte gang is coming. Falstaff, Special-K, Brian the Red
- Columbia folk is coming. Big Pirate
- Seattle folk is coming. Dr. Chako
- Dwarves are coming. Iggy
- Drunktards are coming. TripJax ;)
- Poor Otis Substitutes are coming. Dr. Jeff
- Poker Book Authors are coming. Lee Jones
- Thursday night poker crew may show up. Rocket, Backmeister
- Insane Canadians are coming. BamBam, Pebbles
- Fine dining will occur.
- Poker will be played.
- Drinks will be drunk.

- Oh yeah. The reason this is happening. AlCantHang and BoyGenius will be in town.

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