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A little over a year ago I was offered a job at a little-known, well- to-do financial services firm that has a local office in town. The company story is quite amazing and the offices are divine. It's a truly exciting story and I came within a witch's tit of making the move; however, I ultimately stayed where I've been the last 10 years.
Side note: I love misusing metaphors.
A few months ago an investment team left our firm to go to this company and they began to drop hints about my reconsidering the job offer as the position was still available.
I again decided not to pursue the opportunity. To say I am thankful for my decision is an understatement. Take a gander at this link.
For some, like Hoy, it's about getting out of a bad situation before the fit hits the shan (Lehmen); for others, like myself in this case, it can be about never getting in in the first place. Counting my blessings right now.
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