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Dr. Chako's Life Lessons...

Weird...I was just talking with my buddy Alx last night about starting a series of posts on my blog with the theme being Life Lessons.  Then I'm reading my Google Reader today and come across Dr. Chako's post below.

That is much better/funnier than I could have posted.  Well done Young Chako #1... 

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Life Lessons - from an 11 year old

The Wife was going to blog this, but she's sleeping in order to be rested for skiing later today. I'll give it a shot.

Last night we were out at dinner, and the subject of reciprocity came up. We talked about doing something nice for someone while expecting something in return. I then asked son #1 the following question:

Dr. Chako: What do you call it when someone does something nice for someone and expects nothing in return?

Son #1: Is it... retarded?

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