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Poker From The Fail (Me, Not The Tourney)

Played patiently, played aggressively and just plain played the other night at the BBT5 ~  Poker From The Rail Series on Monday.  When I got heads-up with a 5-1 chiplead, I could feel the TOC seat.  Still, I knew I needed to keep myself in check.  You see...

I had just recently gone into a WSoP Step 4 (to get to step 5 of 7) on Full Tilt the previous week and went into the heads-up with an 8-1 chiplead.  After a red hot tourney I ended up flailing in the end to take 2nd.

So of course after being red hot, including a 4 frush suckout against BadBlood, I got 2 tough frush hands to go against me, which pretty much sealed my fate.  Glad it happened against oossuuu754 as he's good people.  I'm ready for The Mookie tonight.  Bring it!

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At 1:02 PM, Blogger oossuuu754 said...

Was a good game and you were on fire. Take one down and I will see you at the TOC.


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