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January In Brief Review

January In Brief Review

Very, very short post today. Work is keeping me busy this week as usual. I wanted to take a moment and thank a reader, Jose, for the help he offered yesterday in my comments section. I appreciate it. My taxes have been submitted and, though I'm getting back the highest amount ever for me, unfortunately there will be no padding the poker bankroll. I need to eliminate some debt as well as buy a new car ( to me) with my return and my company bonus. Just like that, poof, the money is gone. It will barely be in my account a day before I hand it over to someone else. That TripSux.

A few January numbers.

Sessions: 44
ROI: 49.63%

I had a good month with no real complaints. I built the bankroll to its highest point in nearly 6 months so I'm digging that. However, I can tell my biggest problem is not getting the quantity of games in that I would like. I have had success multi tabling so I just need to open up another SNG more often to bring up my quantity. I also want to consistantly move up to the next level buy-in as I play them often enough and don't see a difference in the competition. This will require that I consolidate some of my bankroll to 2 or 3 sites instead of the 5 or 6 I currently have money at. I think this is a good idea for me. I've analyzed where I have the most success and where I enjoy playing the most. No big surprise where I play the best is where I enjoy playing the most. Hmmm...correlation...I think so.

Like I said earlier...short post today. May not be able to post tomorrow, but we'll see. I've been trying to post everyday so I hate missing a day here and there. Thanks for reading.

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