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Bounty: The Quicker Poker Upper

Bounty: The Quicker Poker Upper

First, thanks to everyone who commented on my earlier post. Nice to have a winning session to speak of. As usual the community is full of some fine folks. Strangely, I wrote this post about bounties on Monday planning to post it later this week. Then out of the blue Jordan offered a bounty on my head in the WWdn tournament on Tuesday. He was worried I would be mad, but I loved it.

I know it sounds weird, but something about him doing that made me perk up and play with a little more fervor. I pretty much went on a run about 30 minutes after he made the proposal to everyone at the table. He followed me to each table and announced the bounty which was funny.

As for the bounty, no one received it since it was null and void if I made the final table, but the good thing is it was a good intro to the post I wrote and am now offering here it is...

If you didn't know already, bounties in poker are a good thing. They're fun for the game, give you something to strive for and bring broggers closer together. Case in point, take a look at the shnazzy little bounty I snagged from Daddy of Snailtrax legend. Click the pic for a larger image.

This is a bounty from the first Donkeys Always Draw Invitational where I unceremoniously took Daddy's last few chips after someone else had received the bulk of his stack earlier. Regardless, I was just happy to get a bounty, no matter how it happened. Basically, his bounty was I could choose from any of his posts and he would sign it and send it on to me. He graciously included the frame, which was pretty damn cool of him. We both agreed it was a somewhat silly bounty, but at the same time it was sort of funny. Let me sidetrack for a moment before I continue on the bounty path.

I used to work for the minor league affiliate of the New York Yankees. I've had plenty of chances to get autographs from many professional sports players, but that was never my bag. I don't really care to have someones signature on a piece of paper. It just doesn't do it for me. Keeping with the theme, if Phil Ivey dropped by my office for a chat out of the blue, I wouldn't want his autograph. Just spending a few minutes chatting would be plenty for me. Well maybe I'd break out the cards and challenge him to a little heads-up match.

So, back to the bounty stuff, when I found out what he was offering I laughed cause this was normally not something I'd be interested in, but because of the novelty of it all, I was actually looking forward to it. My pickings were slim as his blog was no more, but luckily my favorite post of his was still readily available at CrusherSmith. It looks as though even that post is now no more. I may have the only copy in the world. Booya.

I now have that framed post hanging near where I play as a reminder to save my bitching and moaning for those who care...those being no one. If you're wondering where the autograph is, I covered it up as I don't think he needs his signature all over the world wide web.

As a result of this bounty I've been able to have some communication with Daddy and I gotta tell ya he is a really great guy. I had planned on meeting up with him and Falstaff in Charlotte for a concert this month, but his scheduling didn't work out. Still, hopefully I will get a chance to meet up with him (and all you other broggers) soon. I'm still planning to make a short roadtrip to Falstaff's for his next home game which I think is coming up soon. He's had some tough things come up recently and I'd understand if he cancelled the game with all the other things he's dealing with. We're thinking about you and your family man.

Continuing with the bounty stuff, I plan to offer a bounty for DADIII, but haven't decided on what it will be. If you plan on playing in the event, I hope you will also consider offering a bounty. It will be even more exciting since it will be heads-up and you will know right off the bat what you can win if your opponent is offering a bounty. In addition, should everyone offer a bounty, the more matches you win the more bounties you will receive. Just a thought. If you would like to let me know about your bounty, I'd be happy to start a list here.

As for my bounty from the original DADI event, I sent DeadMoneyInc his glass King of Hearts coaster and I think he digs it. That's a good thing.

Moving on...a big thank you to DoubleAs and Surflexus for signing up to the tournament early. *Update since I originally wrote this post...we now have 11 sign-ups*

I just realized one of the paragraphs in the picture is not clear due to my flash. In case any of my readers happen to have never read the post before, and since it does not appear to be available online any longer, I will re-write that paragraph below...

It's poker. A fucking stupid little card game that everyone's playing now. Every single book you've read, and every hand you've played online or at your favorite mortared brickshack gives you a whopping 54/46 advantage over Joe Q. Public.

And finally, this post must end, but before I go, don't forget one of the most important parts of Daddy's post...

Bonus Code: Iggy

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