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The Horses Ass

The Horses Ass

I had a good ole time playing poker this weekend. On Friday I met up with a slew of broggers onrine and hit the felt hard. Note to self...when you are nearing a 12 pack in beer consumption, don't play mixed games. At some point we entered a HORSE SNG which should not have been on my list of things to do. At least twice I played a hand thinking we were on one game when we were on another. The hand that pretty much did me in was a hand where I thought we were still on Razz, but we were on Stud. Ungood. No biggie though, it was still a good time slinging chips with fellow broggers. Alcamahol is bad for the bankroll, but great for a cheap game with broggers.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I started back on my 6-Max SNG Challenge this weekend with some success. Wonka graciously agreed to transfer $65 to Ultimate Bet in return for $65 at Stars. I like Ultimate Bet and have had the most success at SNG's there. I left Ultimate Bet for a while when I was pissed off about the whole Poker Share debacle, but I'm over it and just want to get back to the games I'm successful at. I've moved the roll there from $65 to $85+ and that includes a loss in a heads-up match against Veneno. By the way, good game V.

As for the Challenge, I'd like to get myself into Level 2 as soon as possible, but I'm gonna have to start sealing the deal more often. I've been making a lot of 2nd places and my big stack play has not been impressive. Actually, its been impressive early, then weak in the end. All weekend I would chip up early, often taking out the 1st person, then lose control near the bubble trying to be big stack against the medium stacks. More times than I care to remember, I had the chip lead and control of the table with 3 people left and then found myself the short stack just trying to get into the money. I guess writing about it is helping me realize where I need to work on my game. Guess this brog is good for something.

A few random Super Bowl thoughts in no particular order...

Quite a boring 1st half, but a much better second half. How did Randle El not break his back on that one play? Did anyone else think the drummer for the Stones looked like an old man who didn't take his medication and wasn't quite sure where he was? The commercials were forgettable, with a couple of good ones thrown in. I'm happy for The Bus, but he must retire and let Willie Parker take over. I'm pretty sure Parker was a 4th string running back at UNC and he is now a bad ass in the NFL. The sound for all the musical acts was horrible, but that could possibly have been my shitty set up. I'm sure Mean Gene has a very good write up so go check him out instead of reading this tripe.

Well, that will do it for me today. I've got some pokery thoughts in my head, but not sure they are ready to be put down on paper yet. Hopefully this week I can get them together. We'll see. In the meantime, will someone drop by the Champs house and remove the L and O keys from his keyboard.


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