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So That's What A Final Table Feels Like

So That's What A Final Table Feels Like

It's been so long since I made it to a final table of an MTT I forgot what it felt like. I'm tired so this will be a short post, but I just have to drop a few comments. First, thank you to kaellinn for reminding me about the WWdn event tonight. He was live blogging it and you can check that out here. I really didn't even know about it until he left a comment on my blog and remarkably, he finished one spot ahead of me in 3rd place. Congrats to Waffles who took the whole thing down, however, the $5 bounty on my head Jordan was offering eluded him.

This finish was much needed not only for my roll, but my MTT confidence. I know it is just one tourney and not even a 1st place, but sometimes just having a good game gets your mind in the right place. As for how things went down, with 13 players left I was 9th in chips and needing a boost. I picked up Aces and was able to double up when another player hit their K and called my all-in. Then, only a hand or two later I got QQ and got it all-in against Iggy. He did not improve and again the bounty on my head was missed.

Just like that, in only a couple of hands, I went from 7 or 8k to over 30k and into 2nd place in chips. I would hold the chip lead for a while, but pretty quickly the field closed in and we had numerous big stacks. Once I made it to the final table the bounty was off cause Jordan wanted to be able to root for me.

Winning the races was huge for me tonight. I think the only race I lost was the last one when I hit my open ended straight draw on the turn, but SERNE hit his fullhouse on the river. Otherwise, I can't complain one bit. Things went my way for the most part.

Thanks to all the folks who railed and to the broggers at the tables who made the game a good time. It was a fun tournament to play in. I clearly need to play in more of these Wheaton tourneys...

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