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Big-Ups To Lana For Borgata Bad Ass Tournament Run

Congrats are in order for LJ who managed to land a 1st AND 2nd place finish this past weekend in the Ladies Event and Event #3 at the 2011 Borgata Fall Poker Open.  Oh and she's preggers too, which amazes me that she could handle multiple long tournament formats.  My wife is nearing 9 months pregnant and knowing the discomfort she has gone through these last few months further solidifies how impressive Lana's run was this past weekend.

And like ColonelPoker mentioned in the above link, she has some eh-splainin to do considering she clearly broke the one player to a hand rule.  I guess she gets a free pass this time around.  If it's true babies can hear and react to sounds around them, such as babies listening to classical music, then hopefully her baby will soak up some poker strategy and pop out already knowing the basic strategy as well as poker terms, such as fish, slowplay and bad beat.

'Grats on an awesome run LJ and good luck with the baby.  I remember when ChickJax had our first child like it was 10 years ago...erm...'cause it was 10 years ago.

Picture cred to here.

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