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Bubble Protection - An Online Poker Tournament Bubble Safety Net

I came across the Bubble Protection concept from reading a recent UK PokerNews article a little while ago.  Shame I'm not able to try the service out since I'm in the U.S. and not eligible.  If anyone reads this and gives it a try, please comment and let me know about the experience.

From their How It Works page:

The "bubble" is the last finishing position in a poker tournament before entering the tournament payout structure "in the money". Typically the "bubble" refers to a single or small number of positions outside the last finishing position. covers a "new bubble" that is calculated at 10% of the total number of tournament entrants. By way of example, if one thousand players enter an online tournament, the "new bubble" covered by the Bubble Protection policy would be 100 positions (10% of total entrants) outside of the tournament payout structure.
At the website a player simply types in his online player name (or names), and selects a tournament or tournaments from our insured daily tournament schedule. An automatic premium calculation will appear and ask the player if he wishes to purchase the protection. The player is asked to select payment type, register player information, agree to terms and conditions and the one time/one tournament policy is issued. Players have up to ten minutes after a tournament starts to purchase Bubble Protection. technology tracks all the insured players (policyholders) in the tournament and automatically verifies the players finishing position (according to the poker site standings) in real time. If the player finishes outside "the new bubble" or within the tournament payout structure at the end of the tournament the policy is then void and terminated. If, however, the player falls within "the new bubble" the player's account at will be automatically credited the total of the tournament fee and the poker site rake fee. Accounts are credited within 30 minutes after the completion of a tournament.
It is the player's option to keep the credit balance on his account or have the account balance or any amount in it returned to the player. Players can access their account and have any amount returned simply by requesting a check or a transfer through their Moneybookers account. All requests for payment will be processed and funds forwarded via the payment process of the player’s choice by 5:00 pm PST the next business day.

I haven't spent enough time reviewing this to determine if it's worth it, but I love seeing new concepts brought into poker, so I hope it has some positives to bring to the game.  Insurance has been around for a long, long time, so I'm not saying this is anything that will boggle the mind, but you catch my drift.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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