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Neteller Memories

Last year my old car, White Lightning, finally succumbed to old age. She was born in 1995 and had served our family well, soldiering through some pretty tough years. When I cleaned out her trunk I was able to fill two bags with a bunch of random stuff. Rather than go through it all right away, I tossed the bags into our storage room and went about my way. It wasn't until a few weeks ago I decided to go through the bags and man did I find some interesting stuff. I've decided to share a couple of the items I came across here on the ole blog.

For my first entry, I offer up a picture of an old poker debit card. So who among my readers recalls the Neteller debit/withdrawal card? Oh those were the days. You could play some poker from the comfort of your own home, then actually get your money out of your account. Novel idea, eh? I'm rather sure I'm making the old Neteller days sound better than they actually were, but just the idea of playing poker online without concern, knowing I'd have access to my money was a good feeling. It feels like forever ago that I could make that statement (and honestly my recollection was getting money off most sites was like pulling a rhino's sore tooth). And let me just note this now - oh my what a fuck up Neteller ended up becoming due to the UIGEA. It looks as though they are still in business for sites outside of the U.S., but methinks my card is ready for shredding time.

I still have high hopes for online poker, but I no longer worry about it or wait for the latest news. Sure I still read multiple poker news blogs as well as blogs of friends who continue to write, but I just don't concern myself with where I fit into it all anymore. Someday I'll play online again, but in the meantime, an occasional home game or casino trip is where I'm comfy. I hope all my readers are doing well and enjoying 2012. I'm ready to play some cheap/fun poker sometime soon, so if any of my fellow NC/SC poker peeps have any games planned soon, keep me in the loop.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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