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How I Won & Lost $5 In 6 Short Months

Played two tournaments today...but don't jump to conclusions...I didn't bet the farm. I had forgotten that I had a small amount of residual cash from a free roll I played on Empire a few months ago. At the beginning of my poker for cash hiatus I discovered that everyday Empire offered two free rolls if you are lucky enough to register in the .00008 seconds they give you to register. With a 56k modem, I rarely make the cut. However, one particular day I made it and was playing vs. 250 other cheap bastards. Things went my way that day and though I barely missed making the final table (came in 11th), I did pocket $4.50 for my efforts. Not bad for putting up $0 to play. From there I found myself in a lame situation. I didn't have enough $ for a SNG and the minimum to play in a ring game is $5...thus quite lame. So I had $ (albeit chicken feed) and didn't know what to do with it. Until I remembered the $1 tournaments they have for qualifiers into semi-finals for the WPT or big weekly tournaments. I tried my luck in one of the tourneys and busted out about midway. Tired and bummed I retired from the table that night and my official hiatus began. Until tonight.

In a conversation with the wife over breakfast this morning she mentioned she had noticed I hadn't played any poker in a while (though I still watch and read it all the time). That sparked my memory about the now $3.50 I had left in my Empire account. It being Saturday and not having much to do but a little cleaning and a little football watching, I decided it was time to try my hand at some cheap poker. Hell, maybe I could parlay $0 into some serious dough. My 1st attempt at the 5pm WSOP semi final qualifier found me out 302nd out of 448 cheap bastards. Oh well, I had another chance at 11pm. With the wife and boy comfortably passed out on the couch it was time for me to break bad on the felt. I dropped another $1 for my trouble (now I'm down to $2.50) and grabbed my seat for the Friday Night semi final qualifier. Again 430+ of my best friends tagged along for the ride. Within the first 15 minutes I was near double my starting stack without even getting close to risking many of my chips...a surprisingly passive table for a $1 tourney. For the next 2 hours I kept my stack about double the average and was happy with my patient play. My patience eventually turned to disappointment as I went cold decked from then on finding myself with less than $2,000 and the average stack near $10,000. I wish, dear readers (or should I say reader, i.e. me), that I had a good come back kid story, but with Ah8h I pushed in for my final $1800 in the small blind with only the big blind left and he obliged by calling and turning over AA. Two hearts did hit the flop/turn, but alas, no heart hit the river. I was out in 51st place. I was certainly no bubble boy, so it didn't hurt too bad, but finishing 51st and outlasting 380 people gave me a good, but some what bummed feeling. My confidence in my game remains, and considering that the top 16 got buy-ins for the semi-final, I was really closer to making it than just getting "in the money". Who am I kidding...we're talking about a $1 and I'm trying to justify my play. As Iggy would write...Oh the humanity. Oh well...thanks for reading about my lame ass cheap poker play. Maybe I should write a book titled How I Won And Lost $5 In 6 Short Months. Richard Brodie watch bankroll is ready to rock your world....uuuuuuhhhhh not.

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