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Road Trippin & Brackets

A few random things to get out of my head...all non poker related.

Don't expect to see any posts coming from me until Monday as I'm taking a road trip with the fellas to Nashville, then Kentucky. The main purpose of the trip is to have some fun and visit a friend of ours who now lives in Kentucky. Since said friend has to work Thursday and Friday, we figured leaving on Thursday and eliminating the bulk of the trip then would be a good set up for the weekend. I'm guessing St. Patty's Day in Nashville will be a good time. On Friday we plan to watch the NC State game while in Nashville, then make the 2 hour drive to our buddies house. I expect much alcohol to be consumed on this trip. Also, there may be a little gambling involved since there are horse and dog tracks in Kentucky, not to mention some river boats not too far away. We'll see what happens. Like my buddy said in an email yesterday, "I wanna get so drunk I forget I'm left handed." Now that's funny stuff.

Before I leave I have the daunting task of filling out my NCAA basketball bracket. Being a UNC fan, I'm clearly pushing them all the way through to the final four. It's been a while since I truly felt like UNC could go all the way, so I'm excited about their chances. But filling our the rest is gonna be tough for me. I really have not kept up with conferences outside the ACC this year like I normally do. It'll be a crap shoot for me...which probably means I'll do well since I'm not over thinking it. I do think there could be 3 ACC teams in the final four this year. I'm going out on a huge limb here (not) and taking Illinois, UNC, Duke, and Wake Forest as my Final Four. Has there ever been 3 of 4 teams from one conference in a Final Four. Man I'm really wasting my money this year.

This was a short post, but I'm up to my shoulders in work and am only gonna sink deeper being out the next 2 days, so I gotta bolt. I'll post again Monday, or sooner if our Hotel has internet.

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