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When HORSES Attack

Yikes, I think I got trampled by Mr. Ed last night...not a good showing on my part. Things started out promising as I was 2nd in chips within the first 20 minutes - and may have even been in 1st - though I didn't have time to look. The game was going super fast so it was hard to keep up with anything else. Being a newbie to the HORSE format, things went horribly wrong for me when I failed to keep up with when the games changed. That's got to be the classic statement by so many people that play HORSE tournaments online.

See what had happened was...I was heads up with a guy during a RAZZ hand and I knew I was winning the hand based on the cards that were showing. I was pumping money into the pot and raising his raises feeling great about the situation. Then, when the cards were ready to be shown, the system asked if I wanted to muck or show my hand. I was dumbfounded because I clearly had the low vs. this guys hand. I then looked at the toolbar at the top of the window, dejected, realizing the round had changed prior to the hand and we were, at that point, playing Stud. I felt like a toolbar at that point. That took me from almost 3k in chips down to around $1000.

After my bonehead play, I had some hands not pan out and some tough river cards that eventually did me in. On my last hand, playing Stud, when all the cards were dealt I had 3 pair. I jokingly wrote, "3 pair baby!" Well, I had AA9988X, so I was basically playing the Aces and Nines. I figured my hand was good based on the cards the guy was showing, but alas, he got his miracle 6 on the river to fill his straight. And that was it. I was out somewhere between 80 - 83. Ungood.

If I had to use a picture to tell how I felt after the tournament this would be it...

the picture was messing up my template, but you can view it here (the first picture).

I'm undetermined if I feel more like the horse or the girl. As for the horse, first off, he's a half ass. Second, he's got someone jamming it in arrears much like the way things were going for me on the river.

But wait...maybe instead of feeling like the horse...maybe I feel like the girl. She's in uncharted territory (we hope) and is in a little deeper than she can probably handle. She's probably uncomfortable and can't wait to get it over with...let's face it...she's got her arm up a horses ass. Again, sort of the way I felt last night...though I'm sure I was not alone.

Either way, I went out on the horse I rode in on, and in quick fashion to boot. I did sweat Mean Gene for a little while, and saw he was doing well, but I decided to call it a night. I was in a hospital room so I figured if the poker depressions kicked in Dr. Nick Riviera ("hi evlerybody!") would be right around the corner.

Even though I didn't end up doing well, I did have a good time and I can't wait for the next that is...I won't be making it to the live event. D'ohl!

Thanks Iggy for setting things up.

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