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Washer? I Hardly Know'er

Washer? I Hardly Know'er

Oy Vey am I one busy mofo these days. Though I've wanted to post quite a bit recently, I just haven't had the time. After I got back from vacation I was too busy to put much time into writing. And now this week I'm covering for the person who covered for me. Payback is a B to the iatch.

So here I am writing at night when I should probably be putting some time into the onrine game of polka. I'll be there soon enough. I had a good computerless night last night and basically read books to boy until he passed out. That's one of my favorite things in life to do. He passed out mid Three Little Pigs. And I kept reading till the end as if I didn't know how it would end. On to poker.

I'm still analyzing my game and have decided to put the bulk of my efforts into 3 areas. You may be surprised to find that SNG's are not a part of the mix, for now. I'm not gonna go into detail for each right now, but I will do so in a post in the near future. So what's the deal? Check it.

1. Heads-Up Matches (see previous post).
2. At least one Multi Table Tournament a week (Noble has juicy ones nightly).
3. PSO bonus clearing at numerous sites via whatever limit is best/easiest.

Oh if it weren't for the kicker, however. The bad news for me is ye old washer decided to decease on me this past weekend. So, I'll be out around $300-$400 replacing that bad boy. Add to that our current paycheck-to-paycheck status and it's hard to put any money towards anything non-family related. Damn bonus season - not poker, but work - you can't get here soon enough. As for the washer, there's a pretty good deal at Home Depot right now so I might find myself shelling out some dough this Friday. I'm hoping to limp in, but somehow I get the feeling they will raise with delivery charges, taxes and all that other jazz. "No sir, I would not like the 2 year extended warranty for $99 you stinkfist." I hate buying shit.

Well, I'm all out of stuff for now, but I think I will end this one with a few pics from our see the slideshow with about 20 pics just click on the picture of Lily below. Thanks for shopping at TripJax and come again. Time to go play GCox in the Heads-Up Challenge.

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