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Is It Christmas?

First off, a huge congrats to Jordan and Kajagugu for maximizing a good opportunity and finishing up in 6th place in a major buy-in event. For those that don't know, Kajagoogle (as I call him, though he doesn't know it at this point) had won an entry into the Pokernews Cup Main Event in Australia through Duplicate Poker, but work BS kept him from making the event.

Instead of letting the seat go to waste, he worked it out with Duplicate Poker such that Jordan could use the seat. J was already in Australia so it worked well. Once I realized what was going on, I started keeping up with the live updates on the event. To say the least, J was standing his ground and making some sick reads on people. As he navigated through the field, I tried keeping up as much as possible and was happy to see him continue to do so well.

As always, PokerNews and their dedicated team were on the case keeping up with the action and reporting back details as needed. Good lookin' out yo'z. Check out some of the great pictures here. Once they realized who Jordan was, they started giving him lots of photo love and even started listing him as "JL514" on the news reel. Gotta admit, this picture by Pauly, in his post here, is awesome stuff. Nice going fellas, that's good stuff.

I'd like to introduce you to my new favorite RSS feed, Is It Christmas?

I crack up every time the feed shows up in my Google Reader (once a day). Can't wait to see what happens in a few months. I have this sneaking feeling the word will magically change from two letters to three.

In The Hoy last night I went from above average to out in two hands. I did, however, use a move I love AND hate to use. This time, it didn't work out, but normally it does. It's not really something that comes up very often, and it's nothing unbelievably creative (I certainly didn't come up with it), but it's a good thing to have in your arsenal. It started with a hand where I'm pretty sure I overplayed JJ. With blinds at 200 there was a raise to 750. I reraised to 3000 leaving the player only a small amount behind. He pushed and I called leaving me with about 1500. He had QQ and though we both flopped a set, my hand was always behind and I lost.

On the very next hand I employed the play I love and hate to use. I love it because it is really deceiving, but I hate it because the only time I use it is when I've played a hand badly or been sucked out on. Either way, I've lost a chunk of chips. On the next hand I got AK in early to middle position and pushed all-in for my remaining 1500. I love this move for a couple of reasons.

First, everyone thinks I'm steaming/tilting and am just ready to get things over with. This will often result in a player calling off 1500 from their stack with a lesser hand that they might not normally play. Plenty of times I've seen a player who normally wouldn't go to battle with AT or AJ call a push from someone they believe is tilting off their chips. This makes for a great chance to capitalize on a rare situation, double back up and get right back in the thick of things.

Second, there is a very good chance I take down the 300 in blinds/antes right there and add 20% to my chipstack. Even if I'm called, the only hand I'm hoping I don't see is AA. Of course I'm hurting against KK, but almost anything else I stand a decent chance to take down the hand. If my opponent does wake up with AA or KK on that hand, well it is just unfortunate to run into QQ and AA/KK in two consecutive hands.

Of course, I'd much rather wake up with an absolute monster like AA or KK in my "reverse tilt" hand and still make the same move. In that moment, I'm not slowplaying that hand or even raising 3 times the blind. It just looks stinky to do that. I'd much rather look tilty and stuff my chips in the middle. I almost always get a call and double up there or take down the blinds. As for last night, I was ready and willing to make that move again with AK. As it turns out, I lost to a pocket pair (can't remember what it was) and I was out. I don't regret my decision at all and wasn't steaming even for a moment at any point.

I'm pretty sure I just wrote about poker - nothing new or mind blowing mind you - but I wrote about poker, so I'm going to stop before my head explodes.

Tonight is smokkee's bodonkery and tomorrow is more BBTwo action at The Moooooooooooooooooook. Be there blog dammit!

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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At 9:07 AM, Blogger Joe/Unimpressed said...

I love that play too.

And used it effectively in a FTpoints satellite. Almost won a 2nd entry too.


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