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Good Call

Almost no poker this week for me. I played in the BoDog tourney, but was ousted when my AA fell to Smokkee's two pair Q's and J's. I had lost about 1/3 of my starting stack and was looking to double through him once we got into the hand, but the end result sent me to the rail. I was happy to see he rode the wave from there to a 2nd place finish. I'll hopefully be playing that tourney regularly.

On that note, I honestly can't remember the last time I played The Hoy and even playing The Mookie lately has been a stretch. The good news is I can feel the restlessness starting to kick in and I know it will be time to get back into the games very soon. I'm pegging the W.B.C.O.P as my launch pad to get back to playing poker regularly. I will admit it has been a nice break from the game. I think everyone that plays poker should take the occasional break.

I actually had planned on playing The Mook this week, but I made a last minute decision to take the boy to see Walking With Dinosaurs. If you haven't seen this show - or even heard of it - I gotta tell ya it is really cool. I'm at work, so I can't view YouTube videos, but I'm pretty sure this one will show some of what is going on...

Walking With Dinosaurs - The Live Experience

I hope that was a good choice of videos...not being able to see it before I post it sucks. Once I get home, I'll switch it up if I find a better example.

If you have young children, I highly suggest catching this show if they make it near you. Boy, who is 6 years old, sat on my lap mesmerized the entire time. On the way out of the Coliseum, he pleaded with me, "Daddy, can I please get a toy???" In a rush to beat the traffic, I was hesitant to stop at the vendor stand, but when I saw one not too busy right at the exit, I decided to oblige.

When we got to the table, I asked him which toy he wanted. "I want the book, Daddy." He was referring to the Program, which seemed a bit pricey at $20, but also looked to be a pretty cool program. I had to ask, "Son, why don't you get one of those cool flashy toys for about the same price?" Once again he chimed in, "Daddy, I really want the book."

I finally caved in and got the boy the program. As we walked towards the exit, he made the following statement that, for a 6 year old, really caught me off guard. "Daddy, I got the book because it will help me remember this night forever, but the toy would have eventually broken and I'd have to shrow it away." For the record, he says shrow instead of throw.

He really impressed me with that line, but then as we crossed the street headed to the car, he grasped a hold of my hand and emphatically said, " the greatest day of my life!!!"

Yeah, skipping The Mook to be with boy was a Good Call.

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At 12:28 PM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Good call indeed.

Nice post, Trip.

At 3:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ultra-Mega-Super +EV Good Call!

At 3:50 PM, Blogger KajaPoker said...

That looks like so much fun. I wish they came down to the ATL.
BTW I am going to host two home games next friday and then two weeks later again. Any chance we see you down in our area?

BTW - your URL has been hijacked. Did you forgot to pay godaddy or something?


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