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Go Bro!

First off, I have to offer a congrats to my brother, ChapelncHill, who won a tournament with 2700 entrants. It was a freeroll, so no huge payout, but outlasting 2700 entrants to win a tourney is damn impressive. He took down $100 for his troubles and a boost of confidence as the BBTwo events get back into gear this week. I, for one, have never come close to winning a tournament of that size, so I'm impressed. King Of the Freeroll Donks! Nice job bro.

Speaking of BBTwo, the series continues this week with The Hoy tonight, The Mookie on Wednesday and The Riverchasers on Thursday. And if you are a glutton for punishment and want to play every day of the week, well then don't forget Smokkee's bodonkery and Kat's donkament (details on her sidebar). I'll do my best to make them all, but no promises.

That's it for me today and probably tomorrow as well. Work is kicking my ask.See you at the tables and....

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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