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Big Pot Go Bye-Bye

A buddy of mine called me around lunch time this past Friday asking if I would be interested in playing at a cash game a mutual friend was hosting. By mutual friend I mean a casual acquaintance we both know through poker. This host and I used to deal at the same game back when I first started playing poker. As the game progressed and the limits grew, I eventually became uncomfortable with the chances the game would get busted, so I quit playing and dealing all together. Though I missed the unbelievable action as well as the guaranteed money from dealing, I sleep much better at night. This guy on the other hand, saw the money to be made by running the game instead of simply dealing. It wasn't long before he had started a game in his neck of the woods.

After discussing with ChickJax if we had plans - she's still sick and the kids were away for the weekend, so I knew she'd just be sleeping on the couch all night - I got the green light on some pokery action. By 7:30 pm we were tossing some cards. It was indeed a rare cash game opportunity for me. The game was 5/10 NL with an orbit of Omaha Hi tossed in after every two orbits of Hold'em. This was the largest stakes I have ever played, but I felt very comfortable at the table. There was no max buy-in that I recall, however I don't remember anyone buying in for more than $1000. The average buy-in was $500 with the smallest buy-in I can recall being $200.

I don't remember too much about specifics of hands, though I do recall there were some big ones. My buddy was stacked with his KK vs. AA on the 5th hand of the night. The guy who stacked him was on fire the whole time I was there and, by the time I was leaving, had close to $3000 in front. My buddy eventually recovered, finishing the night up nearly $600. I, on the other hand, had a yo-yo night. At my peak, I was up nearly $600, however I eventually busted after some tough hands.

I did lose the biggest pot of my life, which ultimately set the tone for how things were going to go for me on the night. The pot was just under $1,400. It was a tough pot to see shipped elsewhere, but I sucked it up and moved on rather quickly. In fact, I didn't even realize the size of the pot until I was reflecting on the night on the drive home. As bad as it feels to lose a pot that size, it feels pretty damn good to realize my emotions stayed in check and I just moved on to the next hand. I've got a ways to go with my cash game, but Friday night was a step in the right direction.

After the game, I heard about a $50 tournament every Wednesday that I just might have to play whenever possible. It is a tournament I used to play a few years back when it was a $20 buy-in and apparently they've just recently started back. I'm thinking maybe every other week I may have to get there. I can't miss the Mookie every week ya know!

Until next time, may the felt be with you .

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At 12:30 PM, Blogger KajaPoker said...

sounds like for 5/10 NL people were buying in real short. I bet that led to pretty tight play.

one aspect of live poker that I kind of like is not seeing the total pot size when you lose....

it's good to see someone moving up in limits. we can't all play for pennies, right?

At 10:11 AM, Anonymous littlewoods poker said...

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