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Walkin' On Broken Glass...Sea Glass Beach...Near Waimea Canyon...Kauai Hawaii.

On the beaches at our resort, there's a decent amount of sea glass nestled in the sand. I had never heard of it, but SuperNats schooled me on the stuff. Apparently it is just old pieces of glass weathered over the years.
You will know it is old if there are no sharp edges and it is cloudy. Well we did some research on our handy dandy iPhone's and located Sea Glass Beach with loads of the stuff. It's not exactly a beach you want to lay out at, as it is smack dab in the middle of an industrial zone, but if you want a shit ton of sea glass, it's sweetness. We are now collecting it so we can keep it in a glass bowl back home.
On the way to the Waimea Canyon's we stopped off at Sea Glass Beach and I snagged this picture. Not sure if you can see anything since the iPhone camera sux...

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