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2009 WSOP Main Event Final Table Random Thoughts...Again

Now that the final table has aired on ESPN, I have a few minor follow-up comments...

Why did Darvin Moon lie to his own family and friends about what he held in the hand against Steve Begleiter where he folded to an all-in raise with only 6mm more to call into a 45mm+ pot (numbers not specific).  He held K Q offsuit, but told his family and friends in the crowd he held QQ.  My only guess is he was worried the players were close and might hear what he really had, but regardless, saying you folded QQ in that situation just sounds straight up terarded.


During the live reporting, I seem to recall reading where Darvin Moon did not shake hands with either Phil Ivey or Steve Begleiter after knocking them out, but the production tonight shows he did in both cases.  I don't recall where that was written, and I don't think it was written to call out Moon, but I just wanted to make sure that was noted.


Joe Cada at one point had 1% of the remaining chips in play at the final table and came back to win.  That is mind boggling; it boggles the mind.


Darvin Moon better get a few years worth of season tickets out of the New Orleans Saints for wearing that hat when he could have just as easily taken some serious cash for a sponsorship patch covering that Saints logo up.  They've already gotten good press from that story and could keep their team name in the news and in good light by reaching out to him.


Cada run goot.  

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At 10:01 AM, Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Yeah Judging from the Final table him going from 1% to winning was a HUGE horseshoe up his ass. Darvin probably lied because he WAS EMBARRASSED BY HIS IDIOTIC PLAY. In general I thought he played good but inconsistent.

At 2:03 PM, Blogger Drizztdj said...

He did shake their hands but did not get up out of his seat to do so. That was the only difference.

At 2:11 PM, Blogger TripJax said...

Wawfus ~ Yes, but in this instance, his lie was worse than the truth. Folding K Q off is a bad play in that situation, but he can at least try to justify it. Folding Q Q in that spot is just refonkulous. Anyone in his group with a little poker savvy would have called him out immediately, but the only thing I heard was his why offering support, which was the right thing to do.

Drizz ~ I recall him standing up and reaching out to offer a hand to shake in both instances, not that it is a big deal or a requirement by either player.

At 11:30 AM, Blogger Schaubs said...

My guess at the time is that he might have misread his hand. I didn't see him check his hole cards at any point during the hand so maybe just maybe he thought he had QQ? Mucking was still retarded if he did think he had QQ. Too bad he didn't call off and then say "oh man I thought I had Queens!"

I'm glad Cada won, but boy did he ever get lucky there in the end.

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