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TMZ Talks Poker: Face The Hate

I guess it's been a slow day for celeb news over at TMZ as they actually took the time to post a poker news story today (see below or click here). Apparently some dude is suing NBC for 85 meellion dollars, claiming he came up with the idea for Face The Ace several years before it hit the tubes.

He might have a case, but I think the amount he's seeking might be a tad much. That show's not worth a dime over 80 meellion dollars. Actually, based on the ratings noted below, it might not be worth 85 dollars.

Begin TMZ article...

NBC Takes Gutshot Over Poker Show

A poker show on NBC that actually did worse in the ratings than a re-run of "Finding Nemo" is the subject of a ridiculous $85,000,000 lawsuit -- which is about a mil for each person that watched it.

A guy named Brandon McSmith claims he came up with the idea for a show where wannabe poker players compete against pros (who were hidden behind
doors) for a chance to win a seat at the World Series of Poker.

Smith claims he pitched the idea to a company called Poker Productions -- but they rejected it.

Fast forward two years -- a show called "
Face the Ace" popped up on NBC where contestants "select a pro from behind four smoked-glass doors." And guess who created it? Poker Productions!

The grand prize on the NBC show -- a cool mil.

Even though the show is so awful it has been relegated to Saturday afternoons, McSmith wants $85,000,000 in damages.

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