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Jennifer's Tilly's & The UnaBomber Phil Laak

I was perusing What Would Tyler Durden Do? recently and noticed a poker face on the non-pokery site, something you don't see too often these days.  For those that don't know, WWTDD is sort of like Wicked Chops Poker, but slightly funnier and without all the poker talk.  In other words, instead of poker celebrities and hotties, it's just celebrities and hotties.  I like both sites, but I dig WWTDD when I want to get away from the poker stuffs.

So back to the reason for this post.  As I'm scrolling through the site, I happen upon a picture (included in this post) of Jennifer's Tilly's and The UnaBomber, Phil Laak.  Most of my readers will know she is dating Mr. Laak, a professional poker player, and has even won her own WSoP bracelet, but I doubt the average reader of that site has any idea who that dude in the picture is.

Sadly, before clicking on the picture to embiggen, I think I realized that was Phil Laak before I even realized whose Tilly's those were.  Methinks I watch and read too much about poker folks.  This post was pretty worthless, but it does include cleavage, which makes it perfectly cromulent in my mind.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

(picture source = wwtdd)

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At 6:40 PM, Anonymous BSN said...

Sadly, I noticed Jennifer's Tilly's before I noticed she wasn't wearing make-up. A man could get lost in there for days...

At 6:44 AM, Anonymous smokkee said...

cleavage rawks son!


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