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Live Micro Stakes Poker FTW

This past Friday night was setting up to be a relaxing night in with a few drinks and the full first season of Eastbound & Down DVD to enjoy; however, one quick phone call changed things. A fellow employer called to say he was headed to a poker game and felt like it would be cool if I came along. I mentioned I had a buddy with me who might play and he said that would probably fill out the table just right.

 Twenty minutes later we were on our way. I originally thought it would be a $20 tournament, but it turned out to be a $10 cash game with the small and big blind both at $.20. This worked out fine as everyone was just looking to have fun and enjoy the night without losing a mortgage payment.

 When I walked in the door I was surprised to see several Dad's from the school boy goes to. It was good to go to a game I had never been to and automatically know 4 people at the table.

 After exchanging pleasantries I asked if we were playing a tourney or cash game. There were some chuckles and inquiries, with one guy asking, "he just called it a cash game, is this guy a pro or something?!". One of the Dad's from school who I know plays occasionally online and reads (or used to read) my blog chimed in, "he plays online so let's just say semi-pro.". If only they knew what a donk I am.

 As we settled in I immediately decided I was going to play rather aggressive given the small stakes and relatively passive play from the others. It didn't take long to set the tone when I raised it up with 4 7 off and eventually got my chips in on a flop with a 4 and two overs. I ended up being called by a guy with 4 6 off and I was quickly dubbed The crazy guy. Never mind the dude called my hefty raise pre-flop, then called my eventual all-in...with 4 6 off. See he was a regular, so they had to give the new guy playing Ricky Retardo the hard time, not him. I understood and went with the flow.

 The rest of the night I just hit any hand I happened to be in and built up my stack quite well. I also had the perfect situation come up where I had been raising with air a ton, but happened to wake up with AA. On a Q high flop I had a guy push into me. I just couldn't lose.

 As the time was creeping towards 2am, and we were down to only 3 players remaining, we settled on playing only 5 more hands. On the 2nd or 3rd hand I announced I would go all-in blind on my last hand an welcomed the other two to join me. I had a ton more chips than them, so they would be at risk for being stacked, but they seemed up for some fun to end the night. I don't recall each last hand, but I know I had the worst of it. That ultimately didn't matter when my X 3 off nailed a 3 on the turn to take down every remaining chip.

 When it was all said and done I made $115+ on my original $10 buy-in with no rebuys involved. Most importantly I had a damn good time playing live poker for the first time in ages. Hopefully I'll get an invite back, but that will be determined after stacking so many players! They were all a bunch of great guys, so hopefully I'll be back.

 Until next time, maythe felt be with you.

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