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Outstanding Achievements In Aging

And the award goes!

Dear readers, life as someone in their twenties is nearing its end for yours truly. The fragility of the situation was made all too clear in an email I received from a buddy earlier this week with the following line...

Enjoy the last Wednesday of your twenties!

Sort of makes me feel like I'm walking the The Green Mile of my young adulthood...though I think that's pushing it.

On Monday, May 9th, I'll begin a new path down the road of life as a 30 year old. I'm actually looking forward to embarking on a new personal decade and I figure taking a moment to muse over the past is a good thing.

As most people tend to say - and I'm no different - the last 10+ years have been a blur. It's as if I jumped into the proverbial high school to adulthood time machine and went from 15 - 30 in an instant. I find it hard to believe that I started high school nearly half my life ago. In some ways I think it's less about time flying and more about having incredibly vivid memories of things that happened so long ago. When you hold those memories close, it's hard to let yourself believe it was decades ago.

High School, for me, was more like a semester of summer school. It all happened so fast. And college felt more like a weekend excursion to camp. Camp with hot chicks, alcohol, and lots of sleeping. Those were some incredible times. In an effort to not make this post too long, I'm gonna give a cheat sheet version from college to now. It goes something like this. After college I:

So there you have it...the last 10 years quick and easy. I met my wife when I was 22 and am now turning 30. Hard to believe, but it's true. She's a dream wife and we have an incredible family, so I couldn't be happier. And I don't write that just to make her happy, since she doesn't read this blog.

Well I guess I better qualify this post with a little poker content eh? With a birthday party (drinkfest) on Saturday and Mothers Day on Sunday, I doubt I'll get much play in this weekend. That's o.k. though cause the next WPBT event will be Wednesday so I'll get my playing in soon. I'm quite happy about Iggy's choice of Noble Poker since that is currently where most of my bankroll is. The bad side of that is I don't need to reload and thus can't help him with any affiliate bonus. However, when we spoke (well wrote via email) the other night, I mentioned I would pimp his affiliate link, so here it is...Noble Poker. Sign up under that link and give him some props...he for damn sure deserves it.

I'm happy to report I was 2nd in line for the tourney, only trailing Iggy himself. I just happened to be blogrolling when he posted the news, so it was a quick sign up for me with my money already their. I actually saw the tourney listed last week while I was perusing the site for juicy games, but figured I better keep it on the downlow.

Well, that's it for me. Tomorrow is party time and then Monday is birthday time. Thanks for reading and go sign up for the tournament! Readers are invited to this one.

Noble Poker
Wednesday, May 11th, 9pm
30+3 NL
Password: dahammer

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