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A Meeting With The Bobs

Make that Bob...and what a meeting it was.

Wow, what a night. That was the most fun I've had at a WPBT event. Too bad it doesn't count since I actually did well in this one. I took home 8th place which got me exactly $33 poorer. I don't mind one bit though cause I'm happy I was able to be a part of sending a blogger to the WSOP. Congrats to Bob who ended up taking down the seat after the final 4 agreed to chop the 2nd place money between 2-4 and send the 1st place packing to Vegas. I couldn't help but keep thinking of Office Space and the Bobs while I was playing at the table with Bob. I had just watched that movie this week (for the 4 billionth time) and that was fresh on my mind.

My night started interestingly enough. I felt real good about my chances cause I've been playing well and luck has been on my side. Luck ended up putting me in the chip lead for much of the night, but tanking me in the end. Here are my highlights...

When Stupidity Pays
With about 3000 in chips I got into a hand with the chipleader (close to 8000) when there were probably still 65 people left. I had A7 suited and was in the small blind. The flop missed me completely, but I bet out trying to buy it. He called. I should note the flop had 2 clubs. The turn was still no good for me, but I still bet out trying to take it. That's when he raised it up another $1500. Not having hit anything, I was ready to get out of the hand and went to press the Fold button. But my dumbass hit the Call button. As my chips went into the middle I was in disbelief. I couldn't believe what a bonehead move I had just made. I had basically sealed my fate. The river brought a 7 which gave me a pair, but more importantly it filled the flush possibility. With almost $6000 in the pot at that point, the only way I was going to take the pot was to bet out. However, I had reserved myself to losing at that point. Regardless , I pushed All-In for my final $1000 and was amazed when he folded. Somehow, someway, I managed to stay in the game despite an idiotic move.

This dropped him down to around 4 or 5000 and put me in the chiplead. At the 1st break, I couldn't help but tell him on the chat what I did. Ends up he had trips and folded a winner thinking I had made my flush and unwilling to pay me off. If you're reading this right now VA (can't remember full screen name) sorry about that didn't know it at the time, but that was what vaulted me to a chance to win the tournament.

If I can give one excuse for my stupidity, I was holding my week old daughter at the time and was attempting to play the game and feed her at the same time (via bottle folks...these nipples have a no suck clause). My wife had kept her most of the day while I was at a birthday party with our 4yr old, so when I got home I wanted to take the baby so she could rest. Guess at times my focus was not 100% there. Still I managed to maintain composure after I won that big hand.

Blind Stealing Bully
After some decent play and a little bullying, I had brought my chiplead up to about $12k. Actually HDouble and I traded the chiplead for a while. In middle position - with K J - I raised it up to about 1099 when the blinds were around 400. Everyone folded around to the big blind who went All-In. It was around $2500 more to me and I decided to call feeling like I had enough chips to gamble. When he flipped over 10 8 I felt real good. My hand held up and I was in real good shape at that point. The player seemed a little pissed that I called, but I had the chips to gamble. A few minutes later HDouble took another big hand to end up over $20k.

Right around that time I picked up 8 9 clubs on the button, and when it was folded to me, I decided to bully the small and big who each had around 3k or 4k. I pushed the bet up to around $2499 and was surprised when they both went All-In. Uh Oh! But at that point it was only $1500 or so more for me to call with great pot odds and a good drawing hand. I don't recall what the other guys had, but I want to say it was something like KK for one guy and AQ for the other (though I could be way off). When the flop came with 2 clubs as well as a 9, I knew I had a great chance to take it down. The turn was a blank for me, but the river was a wonderful club. Just like that I had knocked 2 players out and taken the chiplead again with about $22k. Again HDouble and I were neck and neck.

Now I'm sure there were plenty of people who considered that play bad on my part, but I would definitely disagree. Lucky yes...but bad no. With all the blind stealing that was going on...and with a significant chipstack, I felt good about my blind steal raise. And when they both went All-In, I knew what I had to do. Fortunately for me, the cards fell my way at that point. Still, I know that was no fun for the 2 that lost. Can't remember there screennames, but if you're reading, that was a tough beat no doubt.

What's 77 + 77? 8th Place My Friend.
With around $20k in chips and 7 7 in the hole I raised it up to around $3k after everyone had folded to me. I think we were close to a final table at that point with maybe 14 players remaining. The big blind went All-In for his final $6k and I made the call. He had AQ off which made for a classic race. Things were looking great until the river brought a dreadful A. That player was screenname JoeSpeaker who ended up in 3rd place, chopping the $840 pot. That was a tough blow bringing me down to $14k when I had held the chiplead (or close to it) for most of the latter part of the tourney.

Once we were down to the final table I again raised it up about $4k with 7 7 in the hole. I had been getting ass cards for a while and these pairs in the hole were like gold to me at that point. I again was raised by someone moving all in for their final $8k. I made the call and the player showed K Q. The flop looked good for me, but the turn brought a K and the river brought a very ugly Q. I'm not completely sure, but I think that player was Bob who ended up winning the whole thing. It wouldn't be the last time I gave him my money, unfortunately.

After a while, BadBlood took 9th place after losing to Bob with 3 3 vs 10 10. Not longer after I was the low stack with around $5k. After mercifully folding time after time with shit hands, I finally caught a ray of light when I got K Q diamonds. I went all in and was called guessed it...Bob. I was pretty bummed when he flipped over AK or AQ. I can't remember which one it was, but either way it sucked cause I only had 1 live card. My hopes for a WSOP seat were dashed quickly when the flop brought an A and the turn was another A. I was out in 8th place.

I'm happy with the way I played, and know that luck was with me part of the way, but unfortunately didn't stick around for the whole tournament.

Again, congrats to Bob at I'm glad some of my chips helped him make it all the way.

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