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What's Good For The Goose, Is Good For The Gambler

Don't know what that title has to do with anything, but I thought of it this morning and decided to use it. What a wild ride I've been on lately. If you've read my most recent previous posts you know that I've been on a hot streak. Well, the streak continues. I'm almost afraid to keep playing for fear that I might break it.

Last night was my 5th straight night of winning play. Save for my final SNG last night, I placed 1st in every one I played except for one game that I placed 2nd. In all I think my SNG record over the past 5 nights has been 6 wins, 1 second place, and 1 bubble. The bubble game last night really chaps my hide too cause I was playing well and really thought I was going to place in the money again. I took a tough hit when my pair of 8's in the hole went down to 9's in the hole when there was no card on the board higher than 7. Then, on my final hand, I pushed my remaining stack in the big blind with K 7 of clubs. It was the right move to make cause the blinds were so high I had already invested more than half my stack to that hand. When I got a call and he flipped over Q 7 offsuit I was feeling a little better about my hand, but alas the Q hit on the turn and I was out.

But that's not what pissed me off...bad beats come a dime a dozen. It was the way the player reacted after he took the pot. All of a sudden he became Mr. BadAss telling me he had me pegged all along and he knew he was gonna take me down. He was talking trash to me and the one other guy left in the game like he was deserving of a crown for making it into the money. I usually just move on, but his antics pissed me off...and since I was no longer in the game I didn't have to worry about it affecting my I posted a little response back to him. I wrote, "So you don't start talking shite till you suckout on somebody huh?!" His weak response was, "When suckout = chipleader then yes."

Still up for the night from a 1st place on the previous game, I decided to call it a night and not press my luck. I've enjoyed this streak and want to savor it as long as possible. If I only play a few games a night my bankroll will not take any serious swings which is just fine with me. I've more than tripled my original deposit which is a great feeling.

I've been thinking lately about what I can attribute my recent success to and I want to list them out...

So there you have it...I've been playing well and I think - for the most part - I can attribute my game play to the above reasons. All I know is I've been having a ton of fun winning and - though I know variance will catch up - I hope my trend continues. It only takes reading a post like this, from Jan at 50outs, to remind us all how bad luck and bad decisions can whip you in the ass.

On that note I have one last non poker item and then I'm outtie.

Though I didn't watch the show when it was broadcast earlier this week, I was very happy to see Miss North Carolina take home the crown of Miss USA. She's a Charlotte girl which is only a couple of hours from Greensboro. Charlotte is known as the Queen City and I'm sure she will not have a hard time finding her King. Whenever I see a picture of a hot girl I'm reminded of a poster I saw many years ago that had a smoking hot swimsuit model on it with the caption, "No matter how hot she is, somebody somewhere is tired of her shit." Good stuff. Here's a pic of Miss USA who will represent us all at the Miss Universe soon...

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