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Up To Me Ears

Very short post today folks. I've been up to me ears with work and sickness. On the work front, I can't get it off my desk before someone is dropping it right back on there. Bastardos. I can't wait till my cohort in crime is back from short term disability. This stint covering for her may put me on short term disability. Maybe I'll try for the most obtainable short term disability just like Homer did...Obesity. I can imagine that one would be the most enjoyable to obtain. Beats having someone bash you over the head with a crowbar. Whoa, went off on a tangent there...

Anyway, on the sick front, Monday turned out to be a brutal day starting right around lunch time. I could tell something was up and ever since I've had the funk...head cold, sneezing, runny noze, fever. I went home early Monday and slept from 5pm - 7:30am. I went to work since there was really no one else to cover for me, but finally submitted to the funk powers again and went home around 3pm. I slept again Tuesday from 6pm - 7:30am. Somewhere during the night last night my fever finally broke and I feel much better for it. I still have the head cold stuff, but less sneezing and runny nose. Now I'm just coughing up a lung every 5 minutes. But that's like a tea party since I no longer have a fever.

I tell you all this for one reason. Over the last 2 days I had already resigned myself to not playing the WPBT event tonight. However, since I feel much better today I think I will give it a go. So if you are at the table with TripJax just know that if I play bad it's not my's the Nyquil. That goes for if I'm taking too long to act as well since I'm probably asleep.

Good luck to all tonight and damn I hope I cash.

Before I go I just wanted to thank Felicia for taking the time to visit this little ole blog and even posting some comments. I don't get a ton of comments so anytime I click on my site and see one I get a smile on my face. She's brought some smiles to my face recently, and I hope with all she has going on right now, she can find a moment to slap a smile on her face as well. You rock girl...and thanks for being a douche bag with's nice to know I'm not alone...together we can defend!

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