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So That's What It's Like To Win

Well my hiatus from online poker lasted a full 8 days. I had not planned on playing for a while, but after going through my blogroll, I was reminded over at Sound Of A Suckout that he has a weekly Omaha8 tournament on Friday. So, doing my part to support the community, I decided to give it a try. Of course, the first 2 weeks - which I missed - were freerolls and there were a ton of people that played. This week was the first pay game, but I was happy with that as well.

We ended up having 12 players and the only blogger name I recognized was AlCantHang (other than our gracious host ScurvyDog). I had a great time and enjoyed all the chatting. Much like the WPBT events it was a good game with everyone enjoying themselves no matter where they placed. And speaking of placing, what a strange payout this tourney had. Of the 12 players, 10 placed in the money. Of course, it wasn't until probably 5th place before you actually won enough to cover the buy-in. So imagine coming in next to last place and being on the bubble for money. Weird. I can only guess that the payout was set with the expectation of having a similar amount of players from the first 2 events (between 80-100), thus the automatic payout schedule up to 10 players. Guess they didn't have the system automatically adjust for reduced players. Regardless, it wasn't about the money on this event. It was just a good time. I think I came in 5th so I was able to get my money back and set myself up to try and win some prizes at next weeks final tourney of the first leg of games scheduled.

After the tourney was over, I hadn't had my fill of poker so I decided to give a SNG a try. I played a Turbo 6 Max NL Hold'em SNG and ended up winning it. I have to rewrite that sentance again as it has been so long since I could write that. I played a Turbo 6 Max NL Hold'em SNG and ended up winning it. The two things that really put me over the top were just plain sweet.

First, in the big blind I had numerous callers and checked my J 8. The flop came J 8 J and I check called 2 players. The turn was a sweet Ace and I was just hoping someone hit there hand. I check called again and then had a guy big bet me on the river. I pushed for the small amount I had left and he called having less than me. He had A Q and was no where near close to taking that hand down. That put me in the chip lead and I never looked back.

The second was even better. I pick up K K and have one guy in front of me raise all-in and another guy after him raise all-in. I out chipped both of them and made the easy call. The first guy had 10 J suited and the other guy had J J. No help for either of them and I took both of them out. So, with only 6 players at the table I had taken out 3. I took the next guy out about 5 minutes later and found myself heads up with 5550 in chips vs. his 450. After a few unsuccessful attempts to knock him out - and with the blinds very high due to the turbo format - I found myself up against a determined fellow. After about 10 minutes he had brought it back to my 3500 vs. his 2500. I didn't waiver, however, and eventually took him out to win the game. I think it was the first time I had taken every player out. That's a good feeling.

I played another SNG today and took 2nd place for a decent payday. I was close to doubling my bankroll from my initial deposit, but my K 4 suited with a K on the flop was taken down by K 5 offsuit. Still, I've felt much better about my game and even though I only took about 8 days off from playing, I still feel better for it.

Today I have a $10,000 freeroll at Empire Poker starting at 4pm so I hope that works out for me. They actually sent my invitation to the tourney in the mail which was cool. They said it was a tourney restricted only to a certain portion of players, but there is already over 1000 entries. I'm guessing they sent invites to anyone who hasn't played any real money games there in a while. I haven't played there in probably 4 months. Guess we'll see how it goes.

Wish me luck.

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