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Defribillate My Game Please

Let's start this post off with some goodness, cause once you hit poker content it goes down hill fast which is, how you say, not so good. I know nobody likes to hear stories of other peoples dreams, so I've got one for ya...

Now if you're like me, when your wife starts out a conversation with, "I woke up this morning crying cause of a bad dream", you get a bad feeling in your stomach right? Historically, nothing good can come out of that sentance. When you hear that, it's probably followed up with something to the tune of "where you died" or "where you were an asshole to me" or the always lovely "where you cheated on me."

So imagine my surprise when the following exchange occurred earlier this evening...

Wife: "I woke up this morning crying cause of a bad dream."
Me: (cringing inside) "Oh Yeah, what happened?"
Wife: "I dreamed I got in a fight with Star Jones and she kicked my ass."
Me: "Wow, that is a bad dream."
Wife: "Yeah it was scary and I was pissed off at her."
Me: "Nice."

Good stuff.

O.K. on to some poker material...

Yours truly has hit poker rock bottom. I haven't cashed in any poker games in so long I can't even remember what if feels like. Party Poker...nope...FullTilt...not so much...PokerStars...nary a top 3 in plain view. My game needs some serious shock treatment so break out the defribillator please.

Oh the huge manatees!

Last night, at the WPBT event, it was more of the same. I took a tough hit early on falling to about 700 in chips (from starting stack of 1500), but was able to grind my way back to even within the first hour. From there, I don't think I ever made it above 2100. By the time the blinds were 100/200 I was down to less than 1000 and had to make some moves. I pushed a couple of times with fairly decent hands and was able to nab some blinds to keep me above water. Then my demise came swift and thankfully somewhat painless.

With about 60 players remaining, and in the small blind, I had 9 10 offsuit. It was folded to me and I thought about pushing my remaining 900ish to bully for the blinds, but I instead just called. Bad decision. When the flop came 3 7 3 I decided to push to put pressure on him, but got called. He had 3 7 for the sweet big blind special. Ouch...bad timing to bluff off all my chips, huh?! Resigned to my fate, I wished everyone well and moved on to a PokerStars 9 person Turbo NL SNG. I've been enjoying playing those, though as I mentioned above, I haven't cashed in one yet. I like that 1st place is almost $30 and 1/3 of the players cash. For only $6.00 + $.50 I like my odds. Guess that makes me look like a dumbass since I haven't cashed in one yet.

Moving on...I have a mini theory about my online poker troubles recently...and it strangely comes from my wife who is not the poker expert by any means. She wouldn't know if 2 pair beats a set or what pocket rockets are. Anyway, while I was watching the Poker SuperStars recorded on our DVR tonight she made the comment, "You haven't played any poker lately huh?" I said, "Hello...I sat next to you last night playing poker for 2 hours!" To which she responded, "No, I mean real poker." She of course meant a live game, but it made me stop and think for a minute. Other than the random casino game I played in Indiana recently, I haven't played any good home cash games our tournaments. For a while I was playing a home game at least once a week, and I can't remember the last time I played a regular home game.

So, I think what my game needs is a little break from the online version and a little live poker action with the boys. Then, when I come back for more online action, my brain will be fresh on the task at hand. Plus, I still need to get Poker Tracker and Poker Tracker Guide before I put anymore of my hard earned loot into anymore online sites (yeah I know...I'm wondering why my game is sucking and I don't even have Poker Tracker yet).

To put an end to my online poker play for a while, I think I will play one last SNG at PokerStars. Then I'll set my sites on some live games for a while.

Until my next post, did anyone else see Sklansky get pocket rockets 5 times in one sitting on the most recent Poker Superstars event? That was just sick. 2 of the 5 were on the first 2 hands. I think they had rockets 7 times that night and the Ace was making its presence known all night on the board as well. It was crazy.

In closing, as it relates to poker, March can kiss my ass. I welcome April and all its foolish ways with open arms.


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