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I've Got You Babe

Big news in TripJaxville, but first, let me get a little poker content out of the way...

Yesterday after work I met up with a group of co-workers to celebrate the passing of April 15th by downing some alcomohol. After a tad too many beers I looked at the clock and realized it was time to get home and get settled in for the Omaha 8 tournament offered by our gracious host ScurvyDog at
Sound Of A Suckout. Having placed 5th last week - and on the heels of a great week of winnings at Noble Poker - I had high hopes for this tourney. Unfortunately, my play was poor to quite poor. It was one of those nights when everytime I thought I had a good enough hand to take the pot, the chips would go to someone else...and everytime I got out of a pot, the winning hand was a mediocre hand that I would have beat. Just not my it seemed.

I ended up coming in last place which was a bummer, but the night had much more excitement to follow...almost to that news, but not yet...

After the Omaha 8 tourney I decided to try and earn my buy-in back by playing a heads up tournament for the same amount. So I bought into a $5 Heads Up game. After a very good game by both of us, I ended up winning it when my A 3 held up agains K 5. I had won back what I lost in the previous game (minus the juice) and figured that was enough poker for the night. Not long after wifey and I decided to call it a night.

Here's where things get interesting.

Around 1:45am I turned over in the bed to face my wife and I could tell something was a tad strange. The bed sheets were quite wet and - I having not wet the bed for some time now - figured my wife was having some problems. I woke her up and asked if everything was o.k. She had been fast asleep and not realized what was up...she quickly jumped up to assess the situation.

You see my wife is 9 months pregnant - officially due April 26th - but it seems the baby had plans of making an early entrance. Her water had broken and the fun had begun. We called the doc and ended up at the hospital around 4:00am. After about 10 minutes at the hospital wifey wanted to know where the drugs were. Not long after, with the contractions really kicking in, it was epidural time (I asked the Doc if I could have dice).

From there, things happened fast. It couldn't have been more than 30 minutes from the time she started pushing to the time the baby was out. And oh my, what an incredibly beautiful baby she was. She looks so much like our son did when he was born 4 years ago.

So there you have it...beers beget poker beget sleep beget waterfalls beget hospital beget baby.

Here are the stats...

Name: Lily Marie
Weight: 6lbs 14oz
Height: 20 1/2 inches
Born: 8:29am April 16, 2005

I can already tell she's gonna be a Daddy's girl...I love it.

If you're wondering how/why I'm on here blogging right after having a baby...the hospital has wireless connection and right now Mommy and baby are sound asleep in bed. I don't know if I've ever seen a more beautiful site.

We received many a visitor and I want to thank all of them for coming (though only a couple of them occasionally read this site). I especially want to thank Alx who drove more than an hour and a half from Charlotte, only to be able to spend less than 30 minutes with us before he had to get back on the road to drive 2 hours to Raleigh to play in a show. That was strong to quite strong. Thx Alx.

In lieu of a picture of baby Lily, which we are waiting to get emailed to us by family, I wanted to post a random picture of my buddy Alx, my son Jax, and I at a recent baseball game. I figure with all the attention Lily is getting, I gotta make sure I keep Jaxon in the action as well. Excuse my dumbass look (I'm the dude on the right). I was in between a full on smile and closing my mouth and of course my timing was great. And Jax says sorry about the cheeze smile...he always does that.

I can't seem to get the pic to work on this site, but here's the link to my picture page.

So there you have it. A big day for the TripJax family. Thanks for reading and I apologize ahead of time if I have limited posts for a while. I've got an incredibly adorable excuse.

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