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Ain't It Great?!

I must say, though I don't usually like to break bad on folks, I did enjoy writing the below post. It's been a while since I was pissed off or felt strong enough about a subject that I was willing to put some mustard into responding. Thankfully, Sir Dragon is a good guy who was just letting off some steam right after a tournament and I was his virtual punching bag du jour. I'm cool with it since we've typed out any issues we had. So I got that going for me.

The following post is what I had planned on writing about last night, but got pushed to the's all good kind of post...

First, I would officially like to Introduce Lily Marie Turner to the blogoshphere. This pic was taken the morning after she was born and the company said they would keep it up for us about 60 days. Lily has quickly become my absolute passion. Big thanks to SheVerb for thinking about me and the fam in one of her recent posts. I think Paul Phillips summed it up quite well with this recent comment regarding his daughter Ivy who is just now a week old...

I am already unable (and unwilling) to imagine life without her.When I think about all her firsts to come: walking, talking, ending world hunger, etc. it amazes me that I'm not hearing about other peoples' kids constantly. I'd think parents would be unable to resist sharing with everyone within earshot.Of course, maybe they can't resist, and this is why once people have children they tend to associate primarily with others who have children; nobody else can stand to be around them. Feels accurate. We'll see!

Interestingly, we had our little girl just a few days before the Phillips family did. I wanted to wish him and his family well on his blog, but it doesn't look like he accepts comments from non LiveJournal (anonymous) posters. Oh well. If you haven't been to Paul's blog recently, get over there. He has some funny shit to say these days.

On the pending baby front, good luck and best wishes to VARoadstter over at Poker Roadster who has a baby scheduled to pop next month.

Moving on. Have you ever taken a vacation and found out that you got a promotion? Me too. See what had happened was...if you've been reading my blog a while you know I was working two jobs covering for a co-manager who had taken 6 weeks short term disability. After a week back on the job she decided it was time to call it quits and resigned. That put a wrinkle in my plans since I was dead set on taking a week vacation the minute it was baby having time. Baby Lily decided Saturday, April 16th would be a good day to make her grand entrance to the world, so therefore vacation time for me was April 18th - 22nd.

During that time away I had some conversations with our Branch Manager and it was decided that I would be promoted from Operations Manager of the branch to Administrative Manager, the job the lady who resigned held. This promotion brought with it a near 15% pay raise which is right on time with the new mouth to feed and a new ass to wipe. Them diapers ain't cheap folks. So all in all the vacation I took, and the subsequent return to the office yesterday, has been a good thing for me. I'm knee deep in work since I'm still working for 2, but it helps to know that I'm being rewarded for my hard work.

I've been the Operations Manager for 6 years now and I think this job change is just what I needed. I'm excited about the change and even have that funny feeling in my stomach right now since tomorrow is the day it's announced to the rest of the office. I actually know every bit of this job, since we covered for each other, but being officially "sworn in" tomorrow morning still gives me a little bit of the jitters.

Again, moving on, I heard it through the blog vine that there will be another WPBT WSOP Satellite this Sunday. I'm itching for another final table, but this time I want to take it down. Maybe this time I can piss off twice as many people. Just a suggestion if Iggy is reading this...rather than deal with the whole "let's chop the winnings" scenario at the end, why not just disburse the leftover cash to the final table 2-9 via a percentage. Let's say something like...

1st WSOP Seat
2nd 50% of remaining cash
3rd 20% of...
4th 15%
5th 7%
6th 5%
7th 3%
8th Random gift from a blogger willing to unload something.
9th Random gift from a blogger willing to unload something slightly less cooler than 8th place gift.

Now that's a half ass attempt at splitting it up via percentages, but it's just a thought. And yes I realize it could be lame to quite lame if there is only a small amount left over after paying for the seat, but it beats figuring it out after the fact or having to deal with the confusion when it's final table time. I know, I know, it's all about the seat, but it's also fun to know that your hard work getting to the final table just might be rewarded with a used copy of Hellmuth's Play Poker Like The Pros which has been red flagged for being in the bathroom one too many times while Dr. Pauly takes a dump. O.K. maybe that was a bad example of a random gift from a blogger willing to unload something, but I digress. Speaking of Dr. Pauly, I loved his description for me at the final table...

Seat 9: Trip Jax... The man from North Carolina likes curvy butts, beers, rears, high knees, and bootylicious behinds. He nailed one of the hands of the tournament and is looking to turn his $33 into a WSoP seat.

You had me at curvy butts.

Time for bed folks...thanks for sticking around and reading my drivel. Let me end by saying thank you to all the cool bloggers I've met since the most recent tourney. What a great group of folks we are fortunate enough to converse with. There are too many to write out right now, but I've added numerous links over the last few days. If I played with you at a table, or we've chatted via comments or emails recently, and you don't see your blog linked over on the right...let me know and I'll link you up.

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