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Blogger Spotlight: O-Poker

Blogger Spotlight: O-Poker

As I mentioned last week, I'm offering a Blogger Spotlight every so often to highlight some of the really great blogs I read. I've chosen a much deserved cmitch from O-Poker for my most recent Spotlight.

Cmitch is a poker playing family man I really respect and very much enjoy reading. Sometimes when going through my bloglines list, I'll skip ahead to his link if I see he has a recent update. I do this for a number of blogs and his is one of them. I met cmitch during the HUC2 and unfortunately our introduction was one I could easily forget. In essence, he waxed me in the first round of the challenge, basically outplaying me throughout our matches. I was impressed. From there, I knew this was a guy I was gonna read if he kept posting regularly. He does, and I do.

Currently he is knee deep in a 50k challenge that seems to be going well. I think when you have a profit of 5k in one week you can call that running well. It is absolutely wild watching his progression. So there you have it. If you have never read cmitch, I suggest you head on over there now.

I played in a 6-max SNG, $12 + $1 buy-in, with 2 payouts and had a strange thing happen. I made it heads up and the dude asked if I wanted to split the payout. It caught me off guard and I told him I'd rather not. It just seemed strange to involve the poker site admin to split a $70ish combined payout from a 6-max SNG. At the time I had a slight lead and felt good about my chances of winning, but also would not be angry if I finished 2nd. Of course, on my last hand I have AA vs. A 10 and he hits his straight on a 78A9J board. Sometimes hindsight is shitty shitty. Still, I'm not sure what to think about splitting SNG payouts. Has anyone had this come up? Can anyone give me their thoughts on the subject? I would appreciate it.

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