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Quite Possibly...

Quite Possibly...

...the quickest $36 I've ever spent. Even quicker than the hooker my friends bought me in 3rd grade or the time I bet the rent money on the Bud Lite Bottles to win the Super Bowl half time show against the Bud Bottles. I thought they were due damnit!

No, my money was spent on the beginning - and subsequent end - of my HUC2. I played my 1st round match against cmitch last night and the picture to the left pretty much sums it up (click the pic to enlarge). When I caught a decent hand he had a better hand. When I had no hand he out played me. He pretty much outplayed me throughout. He absolutely deserved to win the match the way it ended up being played out. He definitely had me off my game. I may have to drop some sidebets on you cmitch. Good luck in the next round. I'll be railing and rooting!

I knew it was gonna be a tough night when, in the first game, I flopped a straight on a raggedy rainbow flop and lost to his higher straight. Then, only a few handles later, the same thing happened. About the only thing I was proud of in my play was being able to get away from a few losing hands even though I had a decent heads-up hand. On one particular hand I had pocket Jacks with all unders on the flop. The turn brought a Jack giving me TripJax, but the river brought an ugly textured card that made a simple straight if he held one of the cards. When he bet I made a crying call, but kept from raising into a better hand. He did a great job extracting chips from me there.

Overall I don't think I played bad, but I just never had a chance to open up my game and get things going. When you lose that first game your back is immediately up against the wall and it becomes "go time Jerry." Oh well. When does HUC3 start?

I also pretty much got owned trying to whore it up at BoDog after my HUC2 match. I only lost about $10 but I only won one hand the whole night. Then when my internet service decided to go on the fritz resulting in a mucked hand in the big blind while holding As2dKsKd (PLO8), I knew it was time to call it a night. Overall, not counting the $25 I will have to shell out eventually, I was down about $21. That I can handle. And like GCox said in his post, I was freerolling for this HUC2 anyway, so it's all good.


Keep DNasty in your thoughts as he and his family deal with job shit as well as a potential storm disaster this weekend.


Condolences are also in order for the commish, Jordan, who is also out of the HUC2 after a rough 1st round. Who would of thunk the commish and the champ from HUC would be banished on the 1st night. Dohl!


Damn GCox, Wonka, and STeelerJosh, you boys gotta represent...good luck...


I forgot to add that if you aren't reading ScurvyDog from Sound Of A Suckout these days you are missing out. He's been pumping out quality post after quality post lately with some fantastic content. I've been remiss in mentioning him here, so there you have it.

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