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Sweet Lincoln's Mullet!

Sweet Lincoln's Mullet!

I fired up the laptop tonight to play some $10 SNG poker, working towards my 6-max SNG Challenge goal, but decided to stop by my email first to see which erection pill was the next best thing for me. Instead I found an email from PokerStars that damn near gave the junk something to rise up and take notice about. The folks who are handling the Online Poker Blogger Championship hooked me up as the 4th Daily Blog Winner.

Big ups to Ryan and PokerStars for putting a smile on this bloggers face. I needed it. Now I gotta figure out what I want from their Frequent Player Points Store. Maybe I'll get a nice shirt or I could get a hat, mug, and then send MeanGene the Isabelle Mercier poster (see pic to the left). I don't know though, as I stated long ago, I dig her too.

Thanks again PokerStars for making my day. Considering there are 1200+ folks signed up, this is pretty damn cool. For those who came here from the Online Poker Blogger Championship site, you may need to read my prior post for the anecdote to the razzie comment mentioned there...and no I'm not quitting blogging...not a chance...

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