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And The Award For Shittiest Blog Goes To...

And The Award For Shittiest Poker Blog Goes To...

Well, it was a god run while it lasted. I almost made it a year, but I guess it's time to pack it in for this ole it quits...bag it. For, you see, I'm a shitty blogger. Little did I know a new blogger on the scene is handing out a list of bloggers he hates and/or considers to be shit. A Golden Razzie, if you will, for the poker blogging world. And I had no idea I was even nominated!

Though I wasn't named specifically anywhere in his or any other blog, it is pretty clear his statements are pointed in a general direction I happen to dwell. I have to ask, what is it that provokes a person to not only start a fire, but personally fan the flames, all the while claiming they don't care and don't want the attention. If you don't want the attention, don't leave comments on blogs requesting to "please read my blog."

You are a joke, sir. You don't even get jopke status. My only regret in taking the 5 minutes to write this post is I'm sure it is exactly what you want. Still, I refuse to sit idly by and allow you to be a fuck-tard without at least calling you out for the ass-hat you most certainly have proven yourself to be.

I write this blog because I want to. I play the games I want to play because, erm, I want to. I converse with certain bloggers and poker players because I want to. When I agree with them, I let them know. When I don't agree with them, I let them know. That's what friends and acquaintances do. I am not in some holier than thou Society that dictates who comes and goes and who is in our out. I have a group of friends I enjoy spending time with and that's what I do.

I read the bloggers I like and I stop reading the blogs I decide don't fit in my mix. Eventually they may find their way back into my blogroll, but I just go with the flow as it happens. As an example, I don't agree with everything a certain Rude person writes and believes, but I think he's a great poker blogger and player. That's good enough for me. And when I disagree with him and feel the need to speak out, he'll be the first to hear it, in a constructive manner.

Have your opinion, write what you want, and dog anyone you want to dog - including me. But don't say that you don't care and don't want the hits, then post comments in hopes people will read your blog and start a riot. Lame.

Sorry if you just read all of this and have no f'ing idea what I'm talking about. And no, this blog and I aren't going anywhere. Thanks for reading!

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