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For The Love Of Wifey!

For The Love Of Wifey!

Six years ago today an amazing woman lost her mind for a moment and decided to say I do to yours truly. I like to think it was love at first site or magical kismet, but I'm guessing it was probably because I locked her in the basement until she agreed to say yes.

I'm just kidding! It was a closet.

To celebrate, last night wifey and I went to our favorite romantic restaurant, The Melting Pot, for some fonduelicous eats. As always, we stuffed our faces and nearly needed the waiter and/or hostess to carry us out. And Mr. Manager, I swear we have no idea who took all your mints at the exit. The night was perfect and I wouldn't change a thing. Wifey, you're an incredible woman.

As for today, our true anniversary, it's been a great day of spending more time with Wifey. Sleeping in and then shopping for each other is pretty damn nice for a Monday. When I say shop for each other, I mean we go our seperate ways for a few minutes and then meet back at the register with items to buy. Then, once in the car, we swap bags and "exchange" gifts getting back what we bought, all the while acting surprised. It's pretty cheezy, but it works.

As for my mistress Poker, she's been quite the bitch lately (maybe it's her that needs some closet time). Since my HU Challenge win, I've lost 10 straight heads up matches. That's right, I said 10 straight. I don't care if you are a monkey in a donkey suit playing online poker, you should still win at least one match in 10. Everything that could go wrong has and I just can't snap out of it. I'm taking a break from Ultimate Bet for a while, but I'm sure I'll eventually get back there. Maybe the remaining challengers who haven't paid up will deposit there so I'll be forced to go back and play. We'll see.

Empire has been a tad nicer to me lately. In 5 SNG's I've monied all but 1 time - I went out on the bubble - though none of the 4 in the money were 1st place. I've been very patient with my game at Empire and it has been a nice break from UB and the HU games.

Just remembered I did play a $1500 guarantee MTT on UB this past weekend with around 400 of my best friends and was able to remind myself that I can sometimes play MTT's. I finished 27th, making it in the money, but I feel like I played myself into that spot. My bankroll was so low at UB that I was playing just to cash instead of playing for the final table. I made some pretty big lay downs near the bubble that some would either call genius or weak. I do recall on numerous occasions laying down a pocket pair that would have knocked me out had I played it strong, but instead I was able to survive.

Once I hit the money I still played pretty tight, but played my hands aggressive if I was in them. In the end, I was taken down with 3 tables remaining, but happy to collect at least a small amount. Even though the bankroll was low, this was more about knowing I can still play in the large tournaments. I may try a couple more of these MTT's before the PokerStars blogger championship (see details in the sidebar).

Well that's it for me for now. Happy Anniversary Baby!


If you're interested in a mini blogger event involving some Poker and Partying, go see the blog of your friend and mine, GCox25. Details on the trip for next year are early and changing often, but the jest of it is coming together quite nicely.

Congrats to Jordan who decided on October 2nd (I think) that Wifey Kim would sound much better than Fiance Kim. Also, congrats on some fine poker playing lately. We'll see you in a couple of weeks!

Go over and wish DoubleAs well after taking a tough beat in a WPT event in Aruba recently. I know he worked hard to be there and it's never easy to stand up from the table...especially that one.

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