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A bit of randomness on this hump day, howz about it?

I had a capital chance to play some poker last night and just didn't do it. Wifey passed out on the couch around 8:30, the victim of a pretty bad cold, and boy was out by 9:30 after having a long day. So I sat on the couch pondering what to do next, and for some reason just sitting on the couch seemed like the thing to do. In other words, do absolutely nothing. So I did absolutely nothing and it was everything I thought it would be. I did watch the WSoP coverage on ESPN, but passed out about halfway through the last one. Thank goodness for my handy dandy DVR (think Tivo, but not Tivo). I should be able to get caught up tonight.

I'm hoping tonight GCox and Mourn will play their 2nd round Heads-Up match so we can get a better idea of who will be in the finals. If GCox wins, he will be in the finals. If Mourn wins, then there are still some scenarios to work out in order to decide who prevails. We'll see how it goes. It's been a nice couple of days not worrying with it and knowing, at the minimum, there'll be a $25 payoff to whoever comes in 2nd for the finals. Of course, I'll be eying the $150 for 1st place. Oooh baby.

A few posts earlier I mentioned there'd be no poker deposits for me due to funds going towards a new washer after our 15 year old machine hoisted the middle finger in my general direction. Well there's a happy ending to this story, though it still doesn't involve me depositing dough into a poker account. Instead, while I was giving a buddy of mine my tale of woe, he mentioned that a mutual friend had a washer and dryer he was looking to unload. Apparently he bought a sweet W & D and then a month later ended up moving in with his girlfriend who had also just bought a new W & D. He had only used the machine for one week before having to store it away. I know, I know, it sounds like the old "Granny only drove the car to the grocery store and back" gig, but I had to check it out.

So instead of going to The Home Depot and spending $350+ on a washer, I ended up at my buddies house this past Sunday. He had already told me over the phone he would take $400 for both or we could talk about an amount if I only wanted the washer. As far as he knew, I was only looking to buy the washer. What he didn't know was my dryer is also old and headed towards whereever dryers go when they die. On the way to his house I was thinking of all the ways I would get him down to $300 or $350. But when I got there, I couldn't believe it. He wasn't kidding when he said he only used them a couple times. They were absolutely brand spanking new. If I were to go to Home Depot right now I'd pay nearly a $1000 for the set. So instead of trying to lowball him, I signed the check as fast as I could and got the hell outta there. And get this...before I left he said, "If there's ever any problems man, just let me know and I'll take'em back and give you your money back." So the good is, I have a brand new W & D for only $400. The bad news is I'm less $400. No matter how good a deal it is, it always smarts to part with cold hard cash.

I wanted to keep this post going cause it really is lacking in poker content, but I'll save it for the next post cause I've got some work to do. I have a great story involving a buddy of mine and Gus Hansen that I've been meaning to post so look for it on the next post.

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