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Donks Inc.

Donks Inc.

Two nights ago we started the 2nd Round of the Heads-Up Challenge. I ended up winning my first match against GCox after the turn brought him top 2 pair, but it also brought my baby flush. That pretty much sealed the deal and I was happy to start with a win since I only play 3 matches this round. Last night I ended up playing the 2nd of my 3 matches versus Mourn and ended up taking that one down as well. My game felt real strong in that match and I ended up getting Aces in a span of 2 minutes which helped. Though he folded to my Aces in the big blind the first time I was blessed with them, he ended up playing his hand strong the second time and my hand held up. I'm hoping I can finish up my last game tonight versus STeelerJosh. He's been running hot in the heads-up matches so it should be tough. I think he also has a line on my game that I may have to watch out for. Last time we played he said he liked something about my game and would probably use it at some point. Not sure what it is, or if he even remembers that, but after the challenge is over I'll be picking his brain fo sho.

Since that first game with G, I've been running hot. I've won 7 straight heads-up matches and helped my tiny roll climb the ladder to a more comfortable level. Since I won't be able to deposit for a while (see post below) I'm just gonna have to try and grow the little roll into one that can move around (read: bonus whore) at PSO. I've felt like my game is running strong as of late and it has shown at the tables. I've been using a certain heads-up strategy that I've not read about before, but I'm not prepared to let the eggs out of the basket just yet. It's nothing extraordinary and in fact, it's pretty yawn, but it's been working for me and I'm gonna stick to it for a while. Maybe I'll write about it after the challenge is up. It's one of those once you are pegged on it, you gotta totally switch up your game, at least for a while. But as long as I'm playing new yo-yo's every night who insist on donking their money to me, then so be it.

Last night I played a guy who started whining and cursing at me. He would chat things like "You are so f u c k i n g lucky" or "You catch top pair every f u c k i n g time." I immediately went into my "Great, another poker pro" routine and then asked him how he was gonna try and talk shit about someone after 20 hands of play. He went into a donkish tirade so I just went into ignore mode. STeelerJosh dropped by to wish me luck during the match and I'm sure that just ticked the dude off more. I was so happy when Josh did that. I was in control when Josh dropped by and not long after I spanked the dude to send him packing. Thanks for railing Josh - even if it was just for a moment.

The funny thing about this farquad was he was putting it on himself. For example, with a flop of 5 8 10 he bet the minimum, about 60, into a 320 pot, holding K 8. With my A J suited I call with a plan to bet or re-raise strong no matter what hits. When an Ace hits on the turn he bets the minimum again. I raise him and he calls. An uneventful card hits on the river and he bets the minum again into a huge pot. When I raise and he calls he shows his pair of 8's and then goes into a "you're so lucky" rant again. Am I wrong, or is this guy the CEO of Donks Inc.? Play horribly and then talk shit about the guy who then owns your chips...

Well, that's about it for me. This was a pretty pointless post, but what are you gonna do about it??!! Wait, don't go...come back...I'll be better, I promise. We can work this out...

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