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Ticket Punched

Ticket Punched

Last night I was able to punch my online ticket into the Heads-Up Challenge finals. It felt good to control my destiny, but I also felt bad about nearly ending STeelerJosh's chances. All 3 remaining challengers are still in it, so it should be interesting to see how things play out. As for our match last night, In the end the cards just didn't go his way, a theme he mentioned was par for the course this weekend.

It was a pretty mellow match, but there were a couple of highlights. I got the hammer 4 times and I think I took the pot down 3 times. The one I didn't win I had raised it and he called which I knew was probably bad. When big cards hit the board I gave it one more chance hoping to make him think I was holding big, but when he called my bet I was done. I still showed the hammer to keep it legit. The other 3 times I bet and he folded giving me the small pots.

On one hand I had 2 5 offsuit and when he raised my big blind I re-raised him hoping he was just on a blind steal. No such luck and in the end I had hoped to just be able to muck my cards, but the river was checked down and he was able to see my monster 5 high hole cards. Ugly.

I got Aces once and took a small pot, then got Q's and lost a huge pot when most of our chips went to the middle pre-flop and an Ace hit the flop with Josh holding A-10. I think he figured I had him beat cause he typed gg, but the Ace ended up being his big card. That put me down to about 700 and I got down to 500, but ended up taking a big pot when he held 6's and I hit an Ace on the flop. With only 500 left, I was playing my top pair to the end and it worked out. I know Josh played it strong because ofther than the Ace, all the other cards were smaller than his 6's and I either checked or called pre-flop so he may not have put me on the Ace at that point. That was a big hand towards my comeback.

The main reason I won this match, however, was my drawing hands filling, but not in the normal fashion. Numerous times I'd be 4 to the flush needing one more of the suit to help me, but instead the turn or river would bring my top card. I can think of at least 2 decent pots that I took down after I missed my flush, but filled my big boy. It was a good match and I'm glad I took it down.

When I started the 2nd round I knew I had to control my own destiny because any ties would revert back to our round 1 records. Having to squek into the 2nd round I knew my round 1 record would not hold up in a tie situation. I'm glad I don't have to worry about that now.

If I understand the situation correctly GCox needs to win his match and have SteelerJosh beat Mourn in order to make it to the finals. Mourn needs to win both his matches against GCox and SteelerJosh to proceed. And SteelerJosh needs to beat Mourn and then have Mourn beat GCox in order to eliminate Mourn and have a sudden death match against GCox. Confused yet? I think that is right, but if you have a different scenario let me know. Either way, I look forward to railing the remaining games to see who I'll be playing.

If you didn't read the previous post, check it out. It's about my new header. Giddy up!

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