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I want the last 2 days of my life back. On Sunday, whilst watching the pigskin fly through the air, and keeping up with my Fantasy Football picks online, I lost my wireless internet access. It just went from having my network fine and dandy to all of a sudden having no network available at all. I spent a few hours playing around with wireless router and cable modem to no avail.

Yesterday I asked a buddy of mine to come over and help me out to see if he could figure out the problem. We worked on it after work and still couldn't figure out why the network(s) were lost. Today I told my buddy I was down to calling a poker buddy of mine who works for the Geek Squad. I was hoping I could get him to come by "after work" thus not getting a big honking bill in the mail.

To make a long story short, before calling my Geek Squad buddy, I brought my laptop to work to see if it could pick up any other signals at our office park since I knew some businesses used wireless here. Even if they were secure, I figured they would be in range for my computer to pick them up, thus letting me know that my wireless card still worked. When I couldn't pick anything up I figured it had to be the wireless card and decided to pull it out and see what model it was so I could do some online research.

As I glanced over the computer looking for the portal to the enclosed wireless card I noticed a button that had a wireless icon on it. A button I had never taken the time to notice before. And then it hit me. I must have mistakenly hit this button on Sunday and have been wasting some serious time being a complete and utter e-tard. I clicked on the button and, voila, the light came on and a signal was immediately in range. I felt so, so stupid in that moment.

As I emailed my buddy to tell him about this embarrassing revelation, a poem popped in my head. This is what came out...


There Once Was A Tiny Button
Who Knew That His Worth Was Good
But His User Was Such An E-Tard
He Didn't Push Him Like Button Knew He Should

This Troubled The Button So Badly
For He Knew Within Him Was The Key
But The User Suspected A Virus
So Blind That He Just Couldn't See

Till One Day The User Was Thinking
What A Happy Day For Sure
If A Button Were There For The Pushing
And Could Finally Bring Him A Cure

So The User He Looked Very Closely
At The Laptop Causing The Glitch
And Magically There It Was
The Button Posing As A Switch

So He Pushed The Little Button
Just Like Button Knew That He Should
And A Light Shown Bright As The Sun
Tiny Button Had Done What He Could

by A Total E-Tard


So there you have it. I should be back online tonight and should be able to play a little as well. The weekend is shaping up to be a very busy time for me so I better get my games in now while I can.

Even though I'm pissed I went through all that, there is actually some good that came from it. I thought it might have been a virus that caused the problem so we scanned my computer and actually found 19 infections and other potential risks. So in the end, I actually cleared up some potential problems with my e-tardedness. It still smarts to think I'm a savvy onliner and then do this.

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