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Oddly enough, Oddjack offered this post today that was specifically about my The Wrath Of Gus Hansen post below. As a result, I've had a surge in clicks to this here blog today taking me into rarified air (for me) of nearly 410 hits as of 9:00pm. If you're new here, Franky Four Fingers and I, TripJax, welcome you. To be honest, I liked my Trip And A Chair post more than the Gus Hansen one so check that out too.

As for Oddjack, I was suprised to see the post as I had no idea he (or whoever the powers that be) were reading my blog. I believe, from my readings across the poker blog land, there is a love hate relationship with Oddjack. I for one don't have much to say since I catch Oddjack here and there and don't get to every post written. In fact, I had him on bloglines for a while, but took him off after I couldn't keep up with the number of entries per day. Still, I catch him when I can or when someone starts a flame of some sort or another. I often get a chuckle from his posts, but sometimes they're just way over my head.

On to other items...

If you've been keeping up with the Heads-Up Challenge, then you may be interested to know the finals have been set and we're (GCox and I) ready to play Wednesday over at UltimateBet. Winner takes down $125 and 2nd place brings home $25. I'm excited and like my chances, but poker is poker and absolutely anything can and will happen. I may have to combat GCox's own suckout strategy with a little sucking out of my own. I expect the hammer to be dropped on numerous occasions and, like GCox, I've shown a willingness to risk all for hammer pride. Both of us have lost a game during this Heads-Up wielding the hammer. I may have to also include in my suckout strategy the Hammers new found friend, the Hansen. 2 3 offsoot has a new power I may not be able to resist. We'll see.

Iggy came by this ole blog the other day to give his stamp of approval for my new header dubbing it "OFFICIALLY the freaking coolest header image of all the poker blogs." Thanks Iggy. It fits all too well with my TripJax playing name eh?! I came up with the idea for extracting that image from the movie, but I couldn't have done it without my web wizard buddy Alx. Thanks Alx, you rock. And as for Iggy, ever since I gave up this template I figured he had disowned me, but I'm glad he approves.

Speaking of Iggy, I won't be able to make the upcoming WPBT - the first I will miss since becoming a blogger last year - and I'm pretty bummed about it. Right now is not a good time for yours truly to be depositing to any site so I'll just have to read about it later. For details check out Iggy's site. Oh, and Happy Birthday Pauly. You've always been good to me during the WPBT events so I hate to miss this one, but I'll catch up with you on the next one...

Finally, allow me to end this entry with a bit of randomness. The TripJax fam, Alx, and another buddy of mine MTW, all went to a lakehouse this past weekend for some fun, sun, and mucho breers. MTW had skipped a funeral in order to come out with us and subsequently offered up the comment of the weekend for us. As Alx, MTW and I lazily chilled on rafts in the middle of the lake, a waverunner came flying by causing some pretty large waves to come our way. Midway through the waves MTW uttered, "Looks like I made it to the wake after all." Classic.

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